PPC case study: increasing non-branded revenue for an e-commerce client

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

Our client, Protected Species, is a women’s fashion brand specialising in high-performance, waterproof outerwear. At the start of the year, the Protected Species team tasked us with helping them get their digital strategy and channel performance back on track with RUN2 working across all of their digital channels and also working on site design/UX upgrades.


The task

Protected Species came to us from another agency unhappy with the performance of their digital channels, in-particular, PPC. From a top-level perspective, the PPC account was doing well and was returning a very healthy revenue in comparison to the ad spend. However, when we scratched beneath the surface, we found that over 96% of all PPC revenue over the previous 12 months had come from branded searches, tying into the brand development done through other channels and offline marketing activity. This meant PPC was having very little impact as a channel. All of the non-branded campaigns were driving very few sales and making a loss when factoring in ad spend at a campaign level. We were tasked with making PPC a viable channel and to improve the performance of non-branded campaigns while also reducing the amount spent on branded terms through PPC.


What we did

For Protected Species, we completely overhauled the campaign strategy on both Google Search and Google Shopping. This campaign overhaul included a complete refocus of keyword targeting, audience targeting, retargeting-lists, ad text messaging, Google Shopping overhaul of product targeting and a full automation strategy. Our in-house designers also created new product and category pages, focussing on improved user experience and a generally more e-commerce friendly site design. Alongside implementing new landing pages, we created a landing page testing strategy, A/B testing key landing page features such as CTAs, imagery and content. Our automation strategy focussed on speeding-up processes and using machine learning to improve performance across non-branded campaigns.


The results

Since taking over the account, we’ve seen considerable improvements from the non-branded campaigns and a huge improvement on the amount of revenue brought in by non-branded campaigns. By completely overhauling the strategy for Google Search and Google Shopping, we managed to reduce the branded revenue share from 96% to 46% in just the first month, with the non-branded campaigns bringing in 54% of revenue. Our on-going strategy plans to continue incorporating brand into the PPC strategy, but to further decrease the branded PPC revenue share and increase the share of non-branded revenue to around 80/90%.


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