Our work with B2B clients

Written by Hannah Ward: Managing director.
· 4 minute read

As an agency, we specialise in digital marketing for both B2B and B2C, and both sectors pose different challenges.

When it comes to B2B, one of the challenges we face as marketers are that a ‘conversion’ tends to mean a lead generated, which is more difficult to track than when we’re working with e-commerce, for example.

Also, creating content for B2B clients can be a more complex process: it’s important to be mindful of the target market who are often very knowledgeable in their specialist fields, so getting the tone of voice right is key. On top of that, we need to constantly create interesting and diverse content for industries that are often viewed as ‘dry’ or ‘traditional’.

And yet some of our biggest success stories are our B2B accounts. Here’s how we overcame these challenges for three of our current B2B clients:

Clarke Bell is a licensed insolvency practitioner based in Manchester city centre.

When they came on board with RUN2, Clarke Bell had very little site authority so our objectives were to:

  • drive quality search traffic to the website
  • establish Clarke Bell as experts in the insolvency sector
  • increase their online footprint
  • and ultimately increase the number of enquiries generated through the website.

To do this, we used relevant, targeted keywords to increase organic traffic, while also introducing paid search methods and growing a social media presence. Our content strategy positions the brand as a trusted expert in the niche, providing answers to the questions that users are asking. We also provide conversation optimisation suggestions on an on-going basis, which resulted in us eventually designing and building a new site, which has increased conversion rate.

This has resulted in a 122% uplift in unique visitors, a 68% increase in organic traffic, and a 30% increase in PPC conversion rate.

Prism are an IT support solutions provider.

Prism came to RUN2 with a brand new website, looking for a digital marketing agency who could overhaul their entire digital strategy. Their new site was very sparse when it came to on-site content, which meant they were struggling to get found via organic search.
Our objectives were to:

  • get Prism dominating local rankings
  • boost online presence
  • and ultimately generate quality leads.

This has resulted in a 42% uplift in online enquiries, a 25% increase in organic traffic, and a 57% increase in PPC conversion rate.

RCG is an industrial and commercial roofing contractor.

When RCG came on board with RUN2, a lot of their marketing efforts had been focussed off-line. Our challenge was to bring the online presence up to speed and generate high-quality leads via the website. We also had to understand the technicalities of the commercial roofing industry to ensure our content marketing strategy would successfully position the brand as an authority in their field.

We developed an SEO strategy that would improve the quality of the traffic coming to the site from search engines. This included a thorough content strategy that would elevate RCG’s reputation as a trusted thought-leader within the industry. We also ramped up social media activity to build followers and brand awareness, as well as helping to drive traffic to the website.

This resulted in an 83% increase in overall traffic, a 200% increase in social traffic, and a 44% increase in organic traffic.

If you’re looking for assistance with your B2B marketing, get in touch to see how we can help.