Organic Search Click Through Rates – How much traffic can you expect?

Written by Run2.
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A question that clients want a definitive answer to all too often. As an agency we can work with estimated search volumes for a given month that Google provide, this is an estimated total number of searches for a search term. From this number we can give a very loose estimate as to how much traffic your site may see sitting in certain positions in the Search Engine Results Pages. But, as with so much of Digital Marketing it is not always that simple…

There are many variables that can affect how much traffic your site receives for a search term.


Position on the SERPs

While everyone wants to be ranking Number 1 for certain key terms (and yes that position receives the most traffic) what happens lower down the page, do people even scroll and click that far down?

Studies indicate they do, but, as you would expect the lower down the page, the less traffic your site will receive.

Below is the results of one study of 1000s of keywords and their click through rates (over a period of time) based on their position.

Click Through Rates Google 2017

The graph shows a clear correlation between higher position and increased CTR until we get down to position 6 where it almost plateaus.

Over the last two years we have seen Google change and test the Search Engine Results Pages to ‘create a better experience for the user’ (Create more Ad revenue). This has meant that Organic results have been pushed further down the page and therefore reduced the CTR.

Changes introduced by Google depend on the search term used but here are some of the most common – Local Search, AMP, Shopping, Increase number of Paid Ads. All of which push the Organic Results down that page.


Rich Snippets

Not all changes have negatively affected Organic CTR. Rich Snippets introduced way back in 2009 have improved and become more comprehensive with reviews, pricing, sales etc all becoming more prominent and ensuring your listing stands out compared to competitors who may not be utilising Rich Snippets. Making your site stand out from competitors will ensure an increased CTR.

Money Meta Data using reviews.

Innocent Sitelinks

Innocent making use of Sitelinks


Meta Data

The easiest way of increasing Click Through Rates. By accurately describing and writing an engaging description you can increase the number of people who want to click through to your site from the SERPs.

Page Title Hints & Tips

  • Ensure you put the keywords you want to target at the beginning of your Page Title.
  • Title tags should be 50 to 65 characters in length.
  • Do not keyword stuff your Page Title.
  • Put your company name at the end if you are going to use it in your Page Title.


Webpage Meta Descriptions are not taken into account by Google’s Algorithm when ranking a page (according to Google). But, the Meta Description is a great way of enticing potential site visitors to click through to your site. In much same way as you do with your page title it is well worth writing something that is engaging, informative and highly relevant to the search term you want the page to rank for.



Hopefully this has given you a small taste for the complexities of Click Through Rates and what can affect them. If you want us to take a look at how we can improve your Organic Rankings to ensure you are achieving the best possible CTRs then get in touch.