My Favourite Tweeters

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

As today is Twitter’s 6th birthday I thought I’d write something Twitter themed. Below are a few of the people I find the most interesting/useful to follow:

Pete Cashmore @mashable

The guy behind my favourite tech blog – covers all sorts from social media to gadgets to gaming to dev, etc… He posts pretty much all day and it’s mainly articles that have just been posted on the site but it’s a great way to keep up without having to check the site all the time.

Titanic Voyage @TitanicRealTime

Seeing as it’s almost 100 years since the Titanic sank on 15th April 1912, The History Press have set up a Twitter account delivering real time tweets about what was going on before, during and after the sinking. 10th April is when it’ll properly get going as that’s when the ship left Southampton!

The 90s Life @The90sLife

For all you cool kids born in the 80s who grew up with Pogs, Sylvanian families, Gameboys, Noels house party & scratch art, this one is teaming with memories & pictures of everything from boy bands to rug rats to mouse trap to bring back those forgotten memories. Good for reminiscing of a time pre-smart phones/ iPods/ iPads.

Uber Facts @UberFacts

Tweets throughout the day with random little facts you’d never have thought to ask. From “Nineteen letters long” is 19 letters long to The name “Nintendo” is often translated as “leave luck to heaven.”, it’s all about the most random obscure facts.

Smashing Magazine @smashingmag

From the online magazine for web designers and developers They post all day with links to articles on the site with everything from HTML5 snippets to photoshop grid templates to polls on the weirdest bug you’ve ever come across. A great designers resource.

Tech Radar @techradar

Technology news and reviews of the latest gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, tablets, tvs, etc. They tweet a few times a day so it’s not ridiculous. Their sister account @techradarreview tweets their reviews as they’re added to the site.

The Poke @ThePoke

All the latest random & hilarious spoof news from around the world. Everything from ‘Scientists convinced defrosting alien is safe ’ to ‘Coldplay annouce massive UK supermarket tour ’, it’s all about the weird, wacky & funny. Penned by a group of freelance comedy writers & producers, they tweet all day so there’s always something new to look at.

And that’s all folks! hope you find some of these as funny and useful as I do. Ta ta for now!