Digital Mutants: The Mutation Of Marketers And PR

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

The digital marketing world has changed dramatically over the last 12 months, well it’s always changing but the last 12 months I think saw more change than any other period in the history of the Internet. The way “many” SEO companies worked was no longer effective.

SEO is basically the art of optimising a website so that it appears in a high ranking position in the search engines for relevant keywords. The idea being that this will increase traffic to the site and therefore make the site more profitable. A large ranking factor with Google is links pointing to your site. For this reason many agencies would frantically “build” links using a variety of methods, most of which were faceless (so did nothing for your brand) and didn’t add any kind of value due to the content, comments, posts etc being of a very poor quality and often barely even readable. Spam basically or borderline spam at best.

PR on the other hand is managing the flow of information from an organisation to the audience. This will involve creating great content and establishing relationships with journalists, the media and high profile bloggers although usually without a focus on keywords or site architecture and digital marketing strategy.

2013 and the Google Gods are dishing out penalties left, right and centre for poor link building practices and poor content creation while rewarding those with a large audience and strong authorship – things that are only achieved through continuously putting out great content and knowing how to get that content noticed across different platforms. The latter skill set is a mix of digital marketing and PR and to be honest is the way things always should have been done.

Sooo you want to build your brand, grow your audience AND rank high in the search engines? Well you need a digital agency that has embraced this mutation (or has always operated like that) . . unless you want to pay TWO agencies anyway (PR and digital marketing)? Thought not, so do your homework, ask questions and find a digital agency that operates in a way to build your brand and grow your audience but with the commercial results of online marketing.

The best digital marketing agencies have always adopted this approach and should not have seen any of their clients affected by any of the changes of 2012 so make sure you ask that question. What I wanted to highlight in this post was that there are or were good and poor practices and that Google is now forcing you to build your brand and audience << something that you should have been doing all along!

You can read more about this in an article by State Of Search, a popular digital marketing blog.

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