Mobile Growing Faster Than “All Our Predictions”, says Google CEO

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of the internet behemoth that is Google, has stated publicly that mobile use has surpassed all of Google’s predictions citing YouTube’s 200 million mobile playbacks a day.

Schmidt was a keynote speaker at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership meeting where he discussed some statistics relating to Super Bowl advertiser’s Chrysler and GoDaddy. The number of mobile searches for GoDaddy during the game jumped a staggering 315 times compared with a hop of 38 times on desktops.

With these remarkable statistics, there really is no better time to go mobile. Smartphones are the spearhead of the mobile attack on the web, and apps are undoubtably the driving force of smartphone sales and usage. Even back in October 2009, an estimated 17 million people in the UK, used a mobile app and 13.3 million accessed the internet from a mobile browser.

If you want to make sure your mobile presence is felt, maybe it’s time to get UP, and get an App.