Lost in perception

Written by Ignacio O'Mullony: Web designer.
· 4 minute read

Before starting this post, read this text.

It’s interesting how our brain only needs certain bits of information to understand a message. In the text above, it fills the gaps easily based on the previous knowledge of how each letter usually looks.

This phenomenon is well known in psychology and in a manner of speaking is responsible of other daily situations. For example, we only need a few details to prejudge someone we see in the street with a quick glance; we will prejudge whether somebody is dangerous or if we feel attracted by them.



Our brain is a complex machine interacting constantly with the world through our senses, stimulated by everything that happens around us. In order for us to process all these streams of information, the brain has learnt to automatise and thanks to that we are here today.


Even though our brains are a mystery in many ways, the methods of how our brain ‘reads’ the world have been widely studied by many. If you’re interested in the topic, check out the gestalt theories.


Okay, enough science for today.


Or maybe not.


The information so far has been a distraction to make you think of something else before answering the next question:


Can you remember what was written in the text that opens this post? 


The font used is called Sans Forgetica, and according to its creators, has been designed to help you remember whatever is written with it. They have used some of the cognitive and design theories mentioned in this post. On their website you can download the font and install a chrome extension to change the font of the text you want for Sans Forgetica, so you can remember it better.



Did you remember what it said?


Let us know!