Looking to buy Instagram Followers? Here’s why you shouldn’t…

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

You’ve set up your account, written a bio to hook potential followers, trawled your camera roll to find a profile pic, even decided on an aesthetic your favourite influencer would be proud of. Now for the easy part, increasing that follower count…and at this point, you might be looking to buy Instagram followers.

It can be tricky knowing where to start when trying to build and grow a loyal Instagram following. When you see the likes of Grace Beverley (@gracebeverley), or Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) at the dizzying heights of 1 million and 2.9 million respectively. You find yourself asking “how do normal people grow so much and so quickly too?” 

And these frustrations can be emulated if you’re a brand. It’s no secret that building followers can take a significant chunk of time. So taking the easy route to buy Instagram followers can seem like someone is handing you the keys to your very own social media kingdom. But before you pack up and move in, here’s some things you should know about paying to boost those numbers…

When you buy Instagram followers, they’re usually fake 

You only have to take a peek at someone’s Instagram followers to know they’ve bought them. Users with no profile picture and usernames that looks like the password to your wifi are usually good indicators. 

People will see through this instantly and in a time where people are looking for authenticity more than ever, it has the ability to diminish any credibility you have as a brand, or influencer.



Your followers will increase, but your engagement won’t

In most scenarios when you buy Instagram followers, the number of people following your account can skyrocket, which on paper looks great. 

But it doesn’t matter how cute your new puppy is, or if you’ve spent ages creating an awesome brand aesthetic. Your new ‘followers’ simply won’t care enough and your engagement levels will stay near enough the same as they were before.

At the end of the day, it’s better to have a smaller, yet highly engaged community than a huge one that has little to no interest in your content. After all, building one to one, meaningful connections with individuals is one of the foundations of social media.



You’re breaking the rules

Increasingly, Instagram has actively been scouring their site in order to remove any ‘fake accounts’ they find lurking in the follower counts of brands or influencers that have bought followers. 

Spam accounts or bots are regularly purged by the platform. So any followers you do acquire through payment, you could lose overnight. In addition, buying followers goes against Instagram’s strict terms of use, so it’s not uncommon to have your account suspended either.


If you’re an influencer, you could be snubbed by brands

It only takes a basic social media tool to analyse your account and see a huge chunk of your followers are fake. And if you’re caught engaging in this dodgy practice, you could be blacklisted by brands that are looking to work with influencers. Meaning your attempts at becoming one certainly wouldn’t come to fruition.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can grow your Instagram, or any other social account for that matter, get in touch with the team today.