Key Digital Marketing Stats From The Month of September

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Statistics… good old stats, they’re great! 

Whether you’re using them as a process to make exciting scientific discoveries, create an innovative digital marketing strategy, or just to prove that the Cadbury Dairy Milk really is the UK’s favourite chocolate bar (Snickers was robbed!) – there’s no doubting how useful statistics can be.

So, we’ve got some key digital marketing stats from the month of September for you right here. They won’t help you decide your favourite chocolate, but they will go some way to helping you make more informed decisions when it comes to your digital marketing plans…

digital marketing stats for september

Tesco brand awarded ad of the month UK

Okay, so this technically happened in August, but these digital marketing stats came out this month!

Data company YouGov awarded the ad of the month to Tesco, highlighting how the retail brand managed to achieve the highest uplift in ad awareness with its latest advert in the ‘Food Love Stories’ series. 

Essentially their series of adverts has explored the relationship between everyday life and good food. The latest ad features a mother preparing a good luck meal for her son before he collects his exam results. Making it perfectly timed during the month of GCSE and A Level results days. And it helped the retailer achieve an ad awareness score of 4.3. An increase of 7 percentage points, from 20% to 27%.

Focusing on the relationship between food and family has certainly resonated with the retail brand’s core customer demographic. Increasing positive impressions and demonstrating an understanding of what their customers value.

Digital marketing stats - Tesco ad of the month stats


50% of marketers want more control over social influencers

When it comes to social media marketing, influencers have become pretty much essential for engaging customers and motivating them to make purchase decisions. Their trusted influence, perceived authority and large followings have proven lucrative. However, a new report released by Takumi has revealed that around half of marketers want a lot more control over the social influencers they work with.

Over 4,000 consumers, marketers and influencers across the UK, US, and Germany took part in the study. And 45% of the marketers stated that they desired complete control over any posts when working with an influencer. Meaning everything from the visuals to the written caption. As this was all seen as part of the advertisement they had paid for.

Ad disclosure guidelines continue to be a hot topic in digital marketing. And this report also revealed that the majority of UK and US based marketers and influencers feel confident that guidelines are clear. However, this fell in Germany, with just over half of marketers and only 11% of influencers feeling the same way. Perhaps reflecting that the guidelines are still in need of further development.


digital marketing stats - marketers want more control over social influencers


NHS is currently the most relevant brand in the UK 

Apple is currently no longer the UK’s most relevant brand, at least according to research from Prophet. Digital marketing stats from the consultancy’s latest annual Brand Relevance Index revealed that the NHS has taken the top spot, becoming the number one brand for relevance.

The index is based on a survey of 12,200 UK consumers, and this year seems to have seen a distinctive return-to-favour for many British brands. With them making up more than a quarter of the UK’s Top 50. 

Prophet have determined that the brands who manage to consistently find success in terms of relevance display 4 characteristics, namely being:

  1. Customer obsessed.
  2. Ruthlessly pragmatic.
  3. Distinctively inspired.
  4. Pervasively innovative.

Digital marketing stats - NHS most relevant brand UK


Instagram catches up with Facebook’s audience numbers 

Socialbakers have released their full Q2 2019 report of digital marketing stats for Key Social Media Trends. Revealed that the 50 top brands on Instagram are now matching audience sizes with the 50 best performing brands on Facebook (FB). It’s worth noting though that Instagram still gets higher user engagement though, at least according to the report.

Overall interactions on Instagram have remained steady, but Facebook has seen a decline on this front; with median interactions falling 3.3% from where they were in June last year. The report highlighted how FB still gets the majority of ad spend. With over 60% of it being allocated to the News Feed, as opposed to just 20% on the Instagram Feed and 10% across Stories etc.

digital marketing stats - Instagram and Facebook’s audience numbers


Video posts get the most Instagram interactions

Speaking of Instagram – online analytics tool, Quintly, has released its in-depth report on the platform. The Instagram Study 2019 analyses the performance of thousands of business profiles, along with millions of posts between January 1st and June 30th. The results showed that profile audiences grew from 9.4% to 16% within the 6 months. 

The study revealed that 68.2% of all posts on the platform are single images only. 18% of posts are video and 14% are carousel posts, which can future up to 5 unique images. In terms of user interactions, defined as the sum of likes + comments, video posts are the most popular. Receiving 49% higher interactions than both carousel or image posts combined.

digital marketing stats - Video posts get most Instagram interactions


Previous purchase recommendations are most popular form of personalisation

Safe to say that the majority of consumers now expect a more personalised feel when they click through to websites. As opposed to just getting a list of products and services. They crave and experience tailored to them, and a new study by digital agency Dept has looked into how people really feel about certain personalisation strategies. 

The study focused on 1,000 consumers and surprisingly found that many felt a sense of indifference when it comes to personalisation. The most positive response towards personalisation techniques in digital marketing came from younger consumers. With the most popular form of personalisation being recommendations based on previous purchases and searches.

58% of those who took part in the study cited their preference for recommendations. Showing that having some guidance when making purchase decisions within retail e-commerce is appreciated. 

Unsurprisingly, personalisation features that were considered to be intrusive and interrupted the user journey aren’t looked on favourably. So, avoiding overly-pushy and overtly sales-driven personalisation plans is recommended. Location, interest, and past purchase-based recommendations are actually the most popular.

Digital marketing stats - Previous purchase recommendations are most popular

The UK’s fastest rising brands revealed 

Data and insight consultancy group, Kantar, released their list of the Top 75 Most Valuable UK Brands for 2019. With a valuation of £21.5 billion, Vodafone currently stands as the most valuable brand in the UK. With the likes of HSBC and Shell trailing closely behind.

Deliveroo made it to number 50 in the list, but was still named in the top 5 fastest rising brands this year. Increasing its value 54% to reach £1.1bn. Coca-Cola’s acquisition of Costa Coffee seems to have helped the coffeehouse brand’s rapid growth as well. As it also made the top 5 fastest risers. 

Craft beer brand BrewDog made the top 5 too. It’s innovative and unique brand identity has helped it stand out from the crowd, reaching a total valuation of £1bn. Despite these successes, the rate of growth for UK brands continues to fall behind brands in the Global Top 100.

digital marketing stats - UK’s fastest rising brands


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