Is SEO Dead..?

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
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This is a phrase that has been uttered on the lips of many people over the past year, but there has never been a clear answer, some people say yes, others say no – I decided that I would put forward my opinion – not to necessary clear things up once and for all, but to add some perspective on this statement, whether or not SEO is dead . *Warning* This article could get heavy.

Firstly, I believe this whole ‘Is SEO dead’ debate was inspired from Nietzsche, for many people,including myself (and if you don’t know why, click here). Did we kill SEO? Or has it died from it’s own accord? Or is SEO very much alive and well?

Here’s what I think.. 

When people think of SEO it comes with a lot of stigma, a few years ago it used to be relatively straightforward to get a website to rank both in Page Rank and Keywords – a lot of the time there was a checklist of things you should do and it was almost always going to work.

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If we consider that these few tasks, and some others, define SEO and that we should avoid doing them at all costs, then in a way –SEO IS DEAD

If SEO was about keyword stuffing content on your website that was written for SEO rather than your audience, and you would post an article with several links back to your website on a very generic article submission site, we can agree that we have all abandoned these ways and in abandoning them, we have allowed SEO to ‘Die’.

Even more so, it is not just the tasks that we have given up, but even the title ‘SEO’, no longer would we refer to ourselves as SEO engineers, rather the more appropriate and somewhat more professional sounding ‘Digital Marketers’, because that is, at the end of the day, what we are and what we try to achieve with our jobs. We help market websites and companies digitally, through various forms, whether it’s onsite or offsite whilst taking newer more ethical approaches.


But then there is the other side of the argument, your website still needs to be optimized, your website still needs to be found on Search engines and traffic still needs to be driven to your website.

If you took SEO out of the equation and attempted to do all of these without using any tactics, then unless you’re already a very well known brand and word of mouth is very favourable for you,  this will be a very difficult task. This then implies that SEO is still somewhat relevant and also somewhat necessary, you may not want to post articles on irrelevant website full of links back to your site, but you will still need to do offsite content work. This is still an aspect of SEO which is very much alive and well, offsite content and outreach has a great way of driving traffic to your website as well as passing authority through any links back to your site. The differences being however, is that the articles you are trying to get posted offsite need to be good quality, well written pieces of work, invest in some time to write them yourself, or get a content writer who specializes in that field to write them for you.

Do not stuff your article with links, but it’s still believed to be ok to have at least one at the very end of your article back to your website and finally, contact relevant blogs and relevant websites who accept guest posts. There are many websites and blogs out their dedicated to delivering messages and information to audiences and this is your window of opportunity to provide some advice, whilst also promoting your company.

For me, when you start to consider this then you could suggest that maybe SEO isn’t dead, and in fact it’s all very alive and well, HOWEVER this is my take on it. . .(que the ‘heavy’ part of the article..)

If we consider Nietzsche and his philosophical approach that I mentioned at the start of the article, on whether SEO is dead or not, then this is my philosophical outlook – SEO is not (necessarily) dead, I believe it has just been reborn- or re-incarnated in a new life form. Many believe that although a body may die, it is reborn in a new life – and therefore is it ever really dead? In my opinion the same applies to SEO, it may have died in it’s old ways, but it was reborn in a new manner, which we now call Digital Marketing, it has shed it’s old skin and re-formed. Once again this is my way of looking at it, which may be quite deep and convoluted.

Therefore, SEO has died, but, in the same respect, come back to life, with a new outlook and approach,..(and name). I think ultimately, as long as the work you are doing follows Google’s guidelines and you are getting the results you want then it doesn’t matter what you call it, you are doing a good job.

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NB: (I apologise I studied quite a lot of philosophy back in the day and now my way of viewing things can be quite dramatic)