Going global: getting the best results from an international advertising campaign

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 3 minute read

Running an international advertising campaign can be an exciting opportunity for yourself and for your clients. Not only is it a rewarding opportunity within your advertising career, but it’s also a fun challenge you’ll find yourself really getting stuck into for a while! Despite being on the fun spectrum it still has its moments. Working with multiple different languages that you’re totally unfamiliar with, you’ll probably have times where you find yourself uttering, “is it time for a gin yet?”.

Impress your peers and clients with these tips below from our advertising exec, Dan, on running a successful international advertising campaign.


Understand the mindset of your audience

Advertising to someone in Japan isn’t the same as advertising to someone in the UK, you’re setting yourself up to fail from the start if you treat it like it is. Understand the mindset of your foreign audience. What makes them tick? What brands do they engage with and why? How does the audience like to be spoken to? These are all important questions to ask yourself.


Show your adverts at peak times with ad scheduling

Using an ad schedule is great for advertisers because we can automatically target our audiences at peak times within their respective time zone. Do bear in mind though, when setting up an ad schedule for a foreign country you have to set it up within your own time zone. If you’re advertising in Japan, remember they’re 8 hours ahead of the UK!


Venture into a different language

If you’re experienced in advertising then setting up an international advertising campaign might sound like a walk in the park. It’s not. Speaking from experience there are some serious hair-pulling moments when you’re working with many different languages that you don’t understand! For international campaigns where you’re advertising in a native language, it’s always worth investing in a reputable translator.


Get your location targeting down to a tee!

International campaigns can be expensive when advertising in many countries at once. If you know where your audience is then why not go even more specific with your targeting? Set your location targeting to that of a region, a city, a town or even a village…


Are you using the appropriate advertising platforms?

It’s easy to assume that Google is the universally accepted platform from which to advertise but that’s far from the truth. Google may be popular within Western countries, but it certainly isn’t the dominant force within Asia. Yahoo is the platform of choice for users in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore whilst Naver is popular in South Korea, Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia. Bing has also seen its popularity increase across the globe, particularly in the US. It may be worth running cross-platform advertising campaigns for your clients.