Instagram To Allow Users To Download Copy Of Profile Data

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

Instagram has announced that users will soon be able to download a copy of their profile and all the data they have shared.

The update will work in a similar way to Facebook’s ‘download a copy of your Facebook data’ feature.

The news comes amidst increasing pressure for social networks to improve transparency and make it easier for users to identify exactly what personal data is available online.

With Facebook – which owns Instagram – at the forefront of a new data scandal, the photo-sharing app recently cut off the application program interface (API) access for some developers and imposed limits on the amount of user data that can be collected.

Instagram’s latest move will allow users to see exactly how much data is on the platform while also making it easier for Facebook to comply with the imminent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

An Instagram spokesperson said: “We are building a new data portability tool. You’ll soon be able to download a copy of what you’ve shared on Instagram, including your photos, videos and messages.”

Earlier this month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the company would comply with GDPR in Europe and the US if necessary.