Instagram Is Changing More Than Just Its Logo

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Instagram caused chaos among social media users last week when they launched the latest update of the app. With a brand new colour scheme and new logo grabbing the headlines on social platforms, it’s been easy to overlook some of the minor changes which Instagram also made with the changes.

After stating in a blog post in March that “users miss out on 70% of their feed” the app has opted to introduce brand new features which will optimize a user’s feed based on their relationship with an account. Much like on Facebook, and to a lesser extent Twitter, Instagram will now begin prioritising content based on the users affinity with an account, or how much engagement a post has received. Whilst not being particularly new to the latest update, these features are still being looked over by users, making the user interface a competitive location for popular posts (and paid features).

Additionally, video length on Instagram has been increased to a minute long. This sudden change in clip length was all down to figures gathered by the app last year, which saw a 40% rise in the time which people spent watching videos through the channel. The increase in video viewings, along with an extended time allowance allocated to videos on Instagram will allow marketers to optimize the seemingly free features of the app to promote their product in an effective and efficient way. However, this does lead to the possibility that Instagram could turn their app into a highly competitive paid advertising platform, similar to the changes made on other social platforms in recent years.

Overall, the latest updates on the app appear to be part of a drive towards increasing the number of advertisers utilising the platform, but with the right optimization and audience specific targeting, the new features on the app will make Instagram a haven for viral video campaigns.