Improve PPC performance and optimise at scale with PPC script automation

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

PPC scripts are powerful JavaScripts that automate almost all aspects of PPC account management. Google describes PPC scripts as “Google Ads scripts provide a way to programmatically control your Google Ads data using JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. You can use scripts to automate common procedures or interact with external data”.

PPC automation helps you better utilise data and optimise performance at speed and scale, leaving PPC experts with more time to focus on the strategical thinking. In the increasingly busy marketplace of biddable media, automating as much of your PPC management as possible has become a crucial strategy in keeping your client or business both competitive and relevant.

Wondering what areas of PPC you can automate?



There are various PPC scripts out there that can completely automate your bidding, including 24-hour bidding schedules (far more versatility than available through Google’s ad schedule!), automated bidding based on user demographics, locations, devices and so on! Automated bidding doesn’t just stop at the bid management though, it also allows you to analyse the performance of the bidding data and make changes to the script to further improve the performance of the automated bidding process


Account management

As well as bid amendments, PPC automation also allows you to manage many of the more tedious aspects of PPC management, like negative matching, labelling, keyword mining and even identifying anomalies within accounts like empty ad groups! Leaving this more tedious work to robots is better for the account and the expert, giving you more time to work on the strategical and creative side of PPC, basically the fun stuff!


Performance monitoring

There’s no worse feeling than coming into work from a weekend and wondering why a client’s sales have fallen off a cliff. You then tirelessly have to spend Monday morning trying to work out what went wrong. Well no more! PPC script automation can figure it all out for you, in fact, you can have scripts continuously check your accounts, every single hour of the day, 365 days a year. Scripts can check for broken links, misspellings, issues with ad groups, budgets or even landing pages, you’ll even receive an email to alert you to any found issues. These super-smart automations do all the worrying for you so you don’t have to!



PPC data is incredibly extensive and can be an extremely monotonous and time-consuming task to digest that data. Thanks to PPC scripts though, it doesn’t have to be such a mammoth task! PPC scripts can digest the data in seconds and produce digestible, in-depth reports delivered straight to your inbox. Using scripts for reporting can save huge amounts of time and the breakdown of data makes it easier to determine the next strategical steps for an account.



Testing different ad copy, keywords, sitelinks and even Google Shopping product titles is essential to ensure success in any PPC account. The problem with testing is it can take up a lot of time, the testimng data may be hard to digest and it can be hard to keep track of what you’re testing when there’s so much being tested. Scripts can automate a lot of the testing for you such as texting different variations of ad copy and digesting the testing data to show you what worked best.



PPC scripts are a big thing when it comes to account management and the flexibility of PPC scripts provides endless possibilities for automating your account management. Bare in mind though, PPC automation will never be able to replace the complex level of thinking that humans are capable of. Automation is designed to do the repetitive, boring work, leaving humans to do focus their time on complex strategical thinking. Balancing this split of human input and technological automation is the winning formula for PPC success.