The Importance Of Purchasing A Bespoke Website Over A Template

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

It’s no secret that in 2017 you can easily have a website for well under £100 for free, but apart from accepting chocolate off Uber drivers as a bribe to give them a positive review, is free always ‘OK’?

With a little bit of technical know-how, you can quite honestly create a website for free using a template. Have a bit of cash spare and not much technical know-how? Well, you can pick up a basic WordPress theme for next to nothing (perhaps even free) change the text and the images and you have yourself a website.

For many, a website is good, providing it looks good. Therefore, when managing your business’s finances, it’s hard to justify thousands of pounds for a website that, in your eyes, your mates’ cousins son could build you for 50 quid. However, a website today is more than just the storefront of yesterday. It is the foundations, pillar, and control panel that has the potential to set you apart from your competitors.

Why A Bespoke website?

Many people are quick to jump to the conclusion a website is too expensive, before weighing up the advantages.


The first advantage, and arguably one of the most important is the design. You want your website to stand out, and be better than the competition, right? Well, the best way of doing this is a bespoke, tailored website, made from the ground up with your involvement, your originality, and your passion. Don’t forget, just because you are getting your website designed, doesn’t mean you have to give away full creative flare to a marketing agency. Get involved and share ideas. After all, they are creating a website based on your business and your ideas, your input is what makes the site so unique.

Technical ability

The code of your site is like the bricks of your house. A good, strong and well-rounded website is one that is built to last, uses the latest HTML/CSS and web development techniques. Like a house, or a car, not all websites are built equally, and with the sheer amount of time they take to create, many lesser developers are more than happy to skip corners, using poorly structured code.


When having a website built, it is important to prepare for the future. Afterall, you’re building this website to attract more customers and potential clients. If you don’t build your website with expansion in mind, further down the line you may have to remake your website completely as it no longer meets your requirements.

Control Panel

Today, a website is more than just a storefront. It is the brains and control panel of your entire operation. A good website that has been set up properly can give you more information than you could possibly ever need. Set up properly and you can quite easily find out customers locations; how they found you; what pages of the site they are most interested in; how much time they spent on your site overall, and much much more.

This is invaluable information, much of which could quite easily be lost, or misconfigured if your website is not set up properly from the start. Data like this is absolutely invaluable, and can be used to reduce your CPA (cost per acquisition) and increase your ROI (return on investment), two things that I’m sure everyone can agree are huge positives.

Search Engine Optimisation

Personally, my favorite point in this article, Search Engine Optimisation is the process optimising your site around a particular keyword, in order to increase the chances of your website ranking for that particular word.

There are many factors that affect SEO, some of which are common knowledge and others that are a little more niche. However, the main focus is to reduce as many of the ‘risk’ factors as possible. This means keeping your site user-friendly, mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

For a template website, SEO does raise a number of concerns. How many other people are using this same template? How well written is the code? Is everything editable? Some template websites do tend to skip corners when it comes to what they make editable, meaning you may run into problems when trying to optimize your website around your desired key terms. You may also get stuck trying to change pictures, fonts, and even some wording in areas of the site that just hasn’t been made editable.

At the end of the day, you are creating a website to generate inquiries and ultimately, business. A poorly executed website that has been built on a theme currently being used by thousands of other people may not be the best way to go about things. If you are serious about increasing the about of leads your website receives, the best solution is a website designed for you, built around your core business principles and ideas.

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