I hate spam but now I’m starting to hate bacon too!

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

So… not really an SEO blog post today, but more of a rant – today I’m going to rant about Bacon – and not the kind you include with your breakfast – I’m talking about email marketing.

Sometime ago I read an article about email Spam and how modern email platforms do a great job at filtering it out into the junk box – so Spam is no longer (as big of) a problem as it used to be. The bigger problem now isn’t Spam but what people are calling Bacon.

Bacon: {Emails that have been sent to you because you have subscribed to a newsfeed or newsletter for offers or promotions –

stuff you wouldn’t consider traditional spam – but does clog up your inbox}

So, what does Bacon include? Well, every morning, I wake up and the first thing I do is check 2 of my email accounts – Gmail and my UP Search email (I also have hotmail and yahoo – but I never check them and have them forwarded to my Gmail, because Microsoft and Yahoo thinks it’s ok to offer a crap email service and expect people to use it – but that’s another rant altogether).

The first thing I’m presented with in my Gmail inbox (apart from the things I have rules and labels for) is a bunch of unwanted (but asked for) emails from the likes of:

Groupon – Because I like a good bargain – but to be totally honest I’ve never purchased anything from Groupon but the way that Groupon is designed, you have to stick in your email address before you can even view the site -plus there is only so much leg waxing, facials, hair removal or spa treatments I can take (I’m not that hairy) – for goodness sake offer something people want to buy!

Love Money and Motley Fool – because once I read an good article on interest rates and I thought I’d subscribe – now 2-3 years down the line I still receive their emails and out of the 1000 or so emails they’ve sent, I’ve probably read (or even opened) no more than 2.

Various Online Shops including Ebay, Amazon, HMV, O2, Apple et al because I’ve previously purchased things from their sites and therefore they feel they have the right to bombard me with emails about Jim on Ebay who’s selling a tractor exhaust for a fiver.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as well, only this morning I counted 33 non-personal emails – that’s 33 pieces of bacon. I know what you’re thinking…why don’t I just unsubscribe? Then I don’t need to rant on like this? Well there’s always the “What If”….

…What if one day Groupon has an offer for 90% off Air Force 1 trainers or £10 for a set of £10,000 diamond earings? (I have a dog and she likes to chew stuff – I also have a wife and she likes to shop) these offers could really come in handy – so I’ll keep my subscription.

…What if one day the finance experts at Love Money or Motley Fool find a legal loophole under the Consumer Data Protection Finance Rioting Act of 1911 that states I can pay off my mortgage using pistachio nuts? – so I’ll keep my subscription.

..What if one day HMV decide to sell Celine Dion’s greatest hits for just £20? Yeah ok, I’d unsubscribe from that…but my point is, yes sure I asked for these emails and although they’re not strictly spam like the Viagra or the “Hello I’m the daughter of a Nigerian ambassador and I want to give you $15 million if you help me…” , it doesn’t make them any less annoying.

What am I going to do about this? Probably nothing because I really do think those finance boffins at Love Money are going to pull through with the pistachio nuts idea, and a tenner for diamond earings is just easy browny points – I just wanted a quick rant about it.