How we use heat mapping to drive CRO

Written by Beth Cunniffe: Content manager.
· 4 minute read

What are heat maps?

In the most basic terms, heat maps are visual representations of data. Through a colour-coded system, it’s possible to create hot and cold density zones on a map that reflects users’ behaviour throughout a website.


Different types of heat maps

There are different types of heat maps we can use depending on what we want to find out:


Click heat maps

These identify the clicking pattern of your users. Click heat maps can be used to measure the effectiveness of links throughout your site. For example, the navigation bar and various CTAs such as sign up, buy now or contact us. If people aren’t clicking where you want them to it could be that your CTAs aren’t clear enough. Or, if people are trying to click where you don’t want them to, it could be that your visitors are confused or have a certain expectation.

Scroll heat maps

These highlight how much of your web page is visible to your visitors. Through scroll heat maps you can see how long people are spending on a specific part of your page as well as the average visibility. Scroll heat maps can show you the best place to put key pieces of content, such as a content form or CTA.

Attention heat maps

These show how much time users are spending on your pages.  Using warm and cool colours an attention heat map will indicate changes in activity across your website, highlighting areas that get the most attention and areas that get the least. These types of maps are useful for analysing the effectiveness of your website design amongst other things.

Movement heat maps

These focus on where visitors move their mouse on the page. Through movement heat maps you can identify which areas of your website people are most interested in and make modifications based on the results.


Heat maps and CRO

Through heat maps we can accurately analyse how people are engaging with your website. This gives us more of a comprehensive view of your consumers’ behaviour and can highlight any areas where users become unstuck. Using the data gathered by various heat mapping tools, we can create a smoother journey for your visitors which in turn, boosts conversions. CRO is all about testing. And heat maps help take the guesswork out of how your users want your website to work.

However, whilst heat maps can be useful in highlighting high traffic areas and identifying stumbling blocks within a website, they’re not something to be solely relied upon when it comes to CRO. Instead, they’re just one tool to use alongside a wider analytical arsenal. For help with CRO drop us a message. We’re an experienced conversion rate optimisation agency (CRO) in Manchester with the tools to turn your casual browsers into buyers!