How to increase customer weight gain with an sms marketing strategy

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Ding Ding

*Checks Phone*


*Closes Text*


What happened next? Did he stay true to his weekly meal plan and cook up one of Jamie Oliver’s quirky five ingredient recipes? Jamie would be proud. Good old Jamie. You can just hear his poncy English accent congratulating you on how ‘gnarly’ your roast chicken with exotic spices looks. Cheers Jamie. I’ll make that again Jamie.

Or did he take the absolute PLUNGE? Did he click the link and have an absolute belter of a night stuffing his face with all of the wonderful food items listed above whilst washing it down with the delicious brown nectar that is Coca Cola?


According to SMS Global, the latter option has a higher probability of actually happening than people may think (sorry Jamie).

SMS Global reckons sms marketing has a response rate of 45% compared to email marketing’s 8%. As well as this, they recorded a 34% click-through rate for sms marketing compared to email marketing’s 3.4%.

Make of that what you will – all statistics are up for debate. It entirely depends on the content of the text/email, who the text/email is from, who the text/email is sent to etc. What I do know, from running sms marketing campaigns, is the potential it could have for a business.

Before working on sms campaigns I often thought it was quite a spammy marketing tool. Texts I received in the past often looked similar to the above (obviously not as dramatic) with large caps, a big offer and a countdown to create a sense of urgency. I didn’t always read the texts but one thing I did notice is that I couldn’t not open the text.

In my research for this blog, I kept seeing the stat “98% Open Rate for sms marketing” all over the internet. This seemed quite high at first but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

A text is a traditional notification – a notification that stays put until you acknowledge it. Email on the other hand is usually generated by an external app e.g. Gmail and can be easily ignored, deleted, snoozed or completely turned off. It’s unlikely that your going to switch your text notifications off incase a friend or family member who hasn’t discovered whatsapp yet is trying to communicate with you e.g. “have a good holiday hun luv gran xx

With that in mind, businesses should consider developing an sms marketing strategy. It’s low cost with some sms platforms offering around 3p per text. Similar to Twitter, it also forces you to be creative. A standard sms message only contains 160 characters so you have to choose your words and offering carefully.


Here are some tips to get your sms marketing strategy started and implemented:

  • Shop around – There are loads of sms marketing platforms/tools out there. Shop around to find the one that fits your needs. It might take time to figure out how to use the platform so one with good customer service is advisable.
  • Be Wary Of ‘Freemium’ – Many platforms offer low text costs and a free platform to work from. What they don’t advertise is the fact they require a monthly charge for a replies function, an opt-out keyword and even an opt-out number. Try and find one that fits the whole package into one affordable cost.
  • Get Creative – Try and think of an offer the customer can’t ignore. A large discount or free product usually does the trick and makes the text seem less about marketing and more about rewarding.
  • Custom Links – Seems simple but remember to use a custom link in your text. If you’re going to invest in sms marketing you need to know if your test campaigns have given you any return. Google Link Builder is the one I use:

Try and have some fun with it. Email marketing still has a place within your marketing strategy but it’s always worth considering something new – even if it’s just used as a promotional tool as opposed to a financial one.

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