How to boost eCommerce sales over the holiday period

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

SEO is consistently changing and it can be difficult keeping up with the changes, whilst also trying to keep up with your competition at the same time. Having a fully rounded eCommerce SEO strategy means ongoing maintenance of not just your website’s design, but also it’s content; UX and organic search presence. With these in place and consistent maintenance on top of your long-term strategy, you’re sure to power your business forward over the holiday period.

User Experience is Key

Great user experience is one of the most important aspects of an online store. It’s important to maintain good customer satisfaction, but also essential to good eCommerce SEO, with Google and other search engines consistently tailoring their experience to rank highly websites that guarantee good user experiences. In order to get your UX in ship shape, you should be looking at:

Removing all duplicate content: Duplicate content is one of the biggest threats to an eCommerce company, as it can not only confuse search engines when rankings your content, but can also confuse customers.

Don’t neglect site speed: Although not always considered a ranking factor in 2019, site speed is still pivotal in providing users a great experience. If a user finds your site to be slow on their first interaction, they are less likely to continue their journey to other pages, increasing your bounce rate and leaving you with less overall sales.

Make your key products accessible: Making sure your key products are in a prominent place on your site is key to seasonal success. Users should be able to find the product or content they are looking for within three clicks or less for the ideal experience. With so many competitors usually to choose from, users aren’t likely to stick around if they are struggling to find what they’re looking for.

Don’t forget to collect reviews & other widgets

Adding fresh relevant content to your site can often be quite challenging, luckily there’s a way you can kill two birds with one stone: review widgets. By adding more interactive content within your site, your making sure you have fresh, regular and automatic content added to your site.

Boost trust with reviews: If you don’t yet have reviews, I’d suggest you start gathering some. You may not want to upload reviews to your site from day one, but as it can take so long to start collecting them it’s best to start as soon as possible. As shown by UK eCommerce giant, Ann Summers, reviews can have a gigantic impact on product conversions. (source:

Product Star Rating Impact on reviews

Add social shares: Not applicable to every site, and something that certainly works better with some than others, social media shares help produce organic interactions on your site and are a great indication to Google of the value of your page / site.

These are just a couple ways of boosting your eCommerce sales over the festive period, with many more options available depending on the size of your business or it’s specific niche. If you’d like to boost your sales this year, why not contact Run2 today and watch to see how we can grow your sales.