How ‘specialist’ are SEO recruitment specialists?

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

With the continual growth of UP Search we are again in recruitment drive – this time for an SEO Engineer.

Before I carry on, to all recruitment consultants/agencies – This one isn’t for you, I’ve already had around 25 new recruitment agencies that I’ve never dealt with on the phone all promising me the same thing – “good quality candidates at a great fee structure.”

We’ve had a flood of CVs come through with some very good candidates via our recruitment ad campaign on one of the main job boards. I suspect that many of the ‘good quality candidates’ from the recruitment agencies have also stuck their CV on the same job boards. Admittedly, a small number of (actual SEO specialist) recruitment agencies will have some very good candidates that they have built up relationships with over the years that will turn to them first when looking for work before heading to the job boards.

My point here is that a lot of the recruitment bods that call me pitching their candidates don’t know SEO from Plumbing, don’t get me wrong this is not a pop at all recruitment pros out there, I’ve built up some very good relationships with a number recruitment consultants that I don’t mind speaking to; because they know what we’re looking for in a candidate, and not just throwing over CV’s hoping one will stick; perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that can be made when sending a candidate to a company focused on targeted marketing.

Also a quick note to some of the new recruitment bods that call me up; learn about what SEO companies do – learn the terminology, understand what it means and how it translates into a job role. Don’t pad out your pitch with words like “High Quality”, “Motivated” or “Committed” because the last person that any employer is looking for (whether they are in SEO or not) is a Lazy, Low Quality candidate who has Commitment issues. “High Quality”, “Motivated” or “Committed” should be a given in any candidate, tell me something that is more relevant to the role.

There’s also nothing more off-putting when a recruitment consultant calls me up pitching ‘high quality’ SEO engineers and only for them to send over a CV for a web developer who in his entire lifetime, has only changed a couple of meta tags to make the site ‘search engine friendly’.

On the other hand if you are NOT a Lazy, Low Quality candidate and don’t have (work) Commitment issues and have been in online marketing or SEO at any level, please send us a CV and covering letter to [email protected]