How social media can help your B2B

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

You might think that social media is the best way to share what you’re having for dinner or your latest selfie – and you aren’t wrong – but social media is more than a channel to communicate with your friends through, it is a powerful marketing tool that can get you in front of the right people at the right timeā€¦ your target market in other words.

Why your business needs social media marketing

Below we have stated a few of the reasons you might want to consider social media marketing in your digital marketing plans.

Detailed Targeting

Through paid promotions, we are able to target people on a range of factors such as their age, sex, job title, location and even what they studied at university. Using layers of targeting we are able to create the right combination in order to hit the sweet spot, which is your target market.

For example, if you want to hit small business owners in London that might need business insurance, we can do that!

Lead Generation

Lead generation on social media is a great way to get warm leads that you can turn into hot streams of revenue. Due to the targeting we mentioned earlier, we are able to hit a potential audience and then capture their data in a pre-populated form thanks to the social media platforms providing this for the user so usual a lead just takes the click of a button or two, so no long process that can be tiresome or detract the audience away from giving you the good stuff, their contact details. This can be easily downloaded and bingo! You’re good to go at completing the enuenquires.

Recapture Your Market

Once users have visited your site whether they have come in from a Google Ad, Organic listing or a previous social ad you might want to bring them back to your site if they haven’t completed an action on your site such a request a demo or fill out the inquiry form. It can take roughly 3 site visits to convert a user, so getting them back onto your site and reminding them of why they visited in the first place is really important. And through social media paid advertising this is possible!

By simply dropping a tracking code onto your site, as long as you have the right GDPR guidelines in place, such as making the user opt in to remarketing when they visit your website for the first time, we can create a tailored ad specifically to them so they are enticed to reenter your site and complete that all-important conversion. Ad copy for this is important as we want the audience to know we know they have visited our site before and we recognise them – the more personable an ad is, usually, the better it performs at achieving its objective.

Social Media Marketing Experts

Here at Run2, we have a team of expert social media gurus that will help you sculpture and create a bespoke social media strategy that is tailored to your business and overarching objectives. Whether it is through a paid brand awareness campaign or using organic social media to build a presence, we will sit with you to analyse the current industry and analyse the gap within the market that you can fill.