How PPC Fits Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Whether you want instant sales, to build brand awareness or your long term digital marketing strategy is to be number one on Google, PPC can help with it all.

You can read various online articles about PPC vs SEO. Instead, this should be PPC and SEO, as different channels should work together to form an overall strategy.

PPC Overview


PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising and is used by Google Adwords, Bing Advertising, Yahoo Gemini and various other platforms.


Typical advertising types include search and display. Search is where a user would use a search engine and type in results to be presented with relevant adverts. Display is an online platform making use of websites that wish to earn a revenue stream by allowing adverts to appear on their website. Through platforms like adwords you can submit creative adverts to be displayed on the network.


Like any marketing tool, there are pros and cons of PPC and we’ll explore where this could fit into a digital marketing strategy.





Pay per click advertising is a fantastic way to gain site visitors if you’re looking for immediate results. These can be used for an instant impact whilst you might be waiting for your long term SEO/organic strategy to kick in. It can take a long time to rank on certain key terms and there’s no definitive time frame you can work off. So in order to get your business moving along quickly, getting a PPC campaign live can be a good idea.




Okay, maybe not organically but an advert still counts right? If the budget allows for it, there is a possibility of appearing at the top of a search result from day one. How great to have your business go live and get people seeing your product already! That’s one way to kick off a digital marketing strategy!




There’s nothing better than getting your brand noticed straight away, particularly when you’re appearing in search results for terms directly related to your business. Every advertisement you do needs to consider your brand, and PPC is a good way to ensure you have relevant adverts, with relevant pages and content which support what the customer needs.




PPC is a fantastic data tool due to its immediate impact. Very quickly you should be receiving data from all the different interactions PPC brings: impressions, clicks, and even conversions. As soon as data is being collected with the help of a PPC expert or digital marketing agency you can start to build a picture of success. This information can help shape your digital marketing strategy going forward; helping you to understand which organic keywords to rank for and where to optimise the site.




There may always be terms you can’t rank for. Either they are too long, too competitive or even just a random trend. Rather than waiting for an organic strategy to kick in, PPC can be used to plug gaps in areas you could never reach or can’t reach just now.




PPC, as well providing data benefits, is also a great testing and learning tool. It could be as simple as trying out certain offers, switching up the page design or adopting different keywords. Being able to do this in a controlled environment, including allocating an exact budget you wish to spend, can be very beneficial. Improvements can be fed into the rest of the marketing channels – again aiding any strategy in place.


Other Pros Include


CONTROLLED BUDGETS – Set an exact amount you wish to spend which can be controlled on a daily basis.


ONLY PAY PER CLICK – So you could be getting 1000s of free views.


REACH TARGETED AUDIENCES – Only want to show on mobile? Maybe only to certain age groups or demographics? You can be as tailored as you want.


TIME OF DAY ADVERTISING – You can show your adverts only at times that it suits your business.


All sounds great doesn’t it? Clearly PPC can work hand in hand with the likes of SEO and it therefore sits firmly within the most comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies.


However, it is worth highlighting some cons with PPC.





Firstly, and this is an important one, PPC is not easy. Unfortunately you can’t just hire some intern to monitor the account and everything will be fine. Without understanding the platform fully, including having a good knowledge of rules and guidelines, you can very quickly spend money and learn nothing. That being said, it’s important to get a trustworthy professional or digital marketing agency who understands the needs of your business. Someone who can set up PPC in order to meet your business objectives and ultimately aid your digital marketing strategy.




You can’t just turn it on and walk away. PPC takes time and effort to find a winning formula. This includes plenty of testing and variations to keyword bids and different adverts. (This is where a PPC expert of digital marketing agency can be handy)




It’s not really a con, but if the business and PPC are not speaking to each other, it could spell disaster. PPC is definitely a collaborative effort.  You are the expert of your business, and the PPC Manager is the expert of PPC. Only by working together will PPC truly forge itself as a channel to be reckoned with.


If you have any questions about PPC or you just want to learn more about the services we offer here at RUN2, feel free to contact us. We’re a PPC Management Agency in Manchester who can help you get your paid search working for you.