How Glossier have nailed the ecommerce customer experience

Written by Jo Seward: Digital marketing manager.
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Frequent users of Instagram and avid beauty followers will likely have heard of the stripped back beauty brand Glossier. What started as a US only direct-to-customer cult brand has recently been launched in the UK, and after being sucked into the hype (hats off to the marketing team, but that’s a whole other blog…), one thing that really stood out to me was their overall ecommerce experience.

Safe to say I spent more ££ than intended on my first visit to the website, and this is probably why…

Photography & Video

One thing that glossier pride themselves on is being a universal brand celebrating ‘democratised beauty’, and this is completely reflected throughout the site – particularly in its imagery.

Glossier make a point of showcasing what each product will look like on all complexions. With no physical stores (especially in the UK) it’s near impossible to test out these cosmetics before purchasing, so emphasis is placed on selling through beautiful, crystal clear imagery.

Each product is given context – they show how it’s used, how it’s worn and how it looks through different types of media. There really is something for everyone .

 glossier gif


User Generated Content

Their ‘See it IRL’ feature also makes great use of user generated content by pulling through images from social media of people wearing the product in real life – who better to show off your products than your actual customers?


The site even helps users find reviews that are most likely to benefit them. We can see what individuals of a similar age, skin type and gender really though about a specific product. What’s more, it doesn’t hide the negative reviews from its visitors. It displays the most ‘liked’ positive and negative review side by side to give a true reflection of what the Glossier community thought.


Glossier do a great job of informing visitors of offers and incentives that might benefit them whilst shopping. They tell us how close we are to getting free shipping, they offer discounted product ‘bundles’ for those keen to try out the staples but don’t quite know where to start, and they will always tell you when money can be saved through buying more than one of something.

glossier incentivesInformation

In a simple but inviting tone of voice we’re informed of everything we could need to know about the products – no jargon needed. In many cases the photography speaks for itself, and any doubts you might have before purchasing is probably covered off in the reviews.

Those with very specific questions can ‘talk to a product expert’ through their live chat feature. All bases covered.

Trust & Credibility

Rave reviews from the likes of Vogue and numerous beauty awards are certainly something to shout about for Glossier, and they modestly highlight these accolades in all the right places. So many of their products have won awards in their own right and this is emphasised on the product pages themselves.

glossier trust credibility


Checkout Success

Glossier’s checkout is probably one of the most painless I’ve come across. Straight away you can see there are 3 easy steps – clear, no fluff and no fuss – exactly what the Glossier brand is trying to encompass.

It guesses your address as you type (a feature we’re seeing more and more of these days and it’s easy to see why), it cleverly shows you that free samples are on the cards when you get to the last step, and it generally makes the final stage of the shopping experience a little bit too easy.


Nothing mentioned above is compromised on a mobile device. It has an app-like interface with a sticky navigation and the checkout process once again is a breeze.

glossier mobile

Knowing the audience

With ‘millennials’ being a key target audience for Glossier, they have catered to this audience extremely well. From details such as the cursor turning into an emoji like icon when we hover over an image, to the ‘free stuff’ page which includes iPhone wallpapers, playlists, buzzfeed style quizzes and a sticker app for your group chats… it’s certainly a brand for today’s generation.

The simplicity of the brand is coherent throughout all stages of the customer journey. From the stripped back instagram posts, to the no fuss shopping experience, to the painless checkout, right through to the products themselves. A brand that will no doubt continue to grow as long as it stays true to its values…

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