How do construction firms continue to get social so wrong?

Written by Run2.
· 3 minute read

The construction industry and social media doesn’t exactly scream “match made in heaven” to most, but I think companies are missing a trick.

Whilst most companies in the construction industry continue to dabble in social media marketing simply because they feel they should have some kind of presence, they could be missing out on a huge opportunity to stand out in the market and really make a name for themselves online.

A quick glance at the sites of the top firms on a simple Google search shows largely modern websites with loads of cool images of their recent builds, prospectuses, company news and amazing video content. Yet you click through to their social channels and it looks like Bob the foreman has been taking pictures with his old Nokia and sharing them to FaceSnap (or whatever it’s called).

Maybe I’m missing something, but from an outsider’s perspective it seems like a no brainer to be making use of the incredible shots of incredible machinery, swooping drone shots of high rise builds and time lapses of refurbs, yet it appears none of the top firms have quite connected the dots yet.

In fairness, I’m probably being a bit harsh. There are some examples of bits of nice behind the scenes type content, and features on staff, etc, but it still feels like there is a huge opportunity being missed here. Take General Electric for example (yes I know they’re not strictly a construction company), who have amassed in excess of 400,000 followers on Instagram alone. And how have they done it? Largely by sharing shots of the amazing projects they undertake that simply make you go ‘wow!’. 

But what if my company doesn’t undertake ‘mega’ projects?

Not to worry, there are still loads of other opportunities if you aren’t regularly regenerating mills or building skyscrapers every other week. 

Take house builders for example. The stories behind the homes and their new owners is about as powerful as anything you can get on social media. From those buying their first home after scrimping and saving for years, to those families moving into their dream home, there is so much potential content in telling these people’s stories in an authentic and meaningful way. 

There is also a myriad of stories to tell around the individuals involved in the planning and construction of a new home. From the new architect seeing their first ever design come to life, through to the electrician finishing up on their final home before retirement, you are able to showcase the human side of an industry that can often be demonised, and help shift the public view of your business. 

So how do we get started?

The first port of call is a simple evaluation of your business, and the available assets. Here you need to understand what type of content to focus on, and the story you want to tell. Is it going to be focussed around the wow factor, or should it pay more attention to the human side of your business, or perhaps it’s something completely different. Ultimately, it should be about what makes your company unique in the construction market. 

After this, you need to decide whether there is a requirement to produce new content to help tell your story, or whether you already have the existing assets. This will also help you identify the best social media platforms to focus your efforts on. From here on out, you just need to get on with it.

If however you’re not quite sure where to start, then give us a bell and see how we might be able to help.