How Augmented Reality Can Help Your Business Thrive

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

Since the release of Pokemon Go in 2016, augmented reality (AR) has been tipped as one of the hottest digital marketing trends. By 2020, it’s forecast that 1 billion people will be using augmented reality and many can see the benefits of the technology. Pokemon Go took the world by storm and a year on, it’s worth looking at what brands are doing with AR and how it could potentially help your business.

Where is augmented reality now?

Businesses have been experimenting with AR and one of the most interesting apps is called Snatch, which is being presented as ‘The Pokemon Go for brands.’ The game is free to download and combines Google Maps with a treasure hunt approach. Users explore their local area to find branded prizes such as a food discount or free holiday.

Once you’ve found a parcel, you need to hold onto it for six hours, but it can be snatched by other users. This promotes competition and provides a compelling reason to use Snatch. The app was downloaded 56,000 times in its beta stage and creators predict it will reach 250,000 users in the UK when it’s launched on the 2nd November.

Snatch has benefited brands like Just Eat, who needed to address the number of people ordering takeaways on a Monday and Tuesday night. Snatch added a £10 voucher parcel that could be used for both days and sales went up by 90%.

Apple have also revealed their ARKit, which allows users to create their own AR experiences. It works by using Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) to track the world around it. ARKit can be used with an iPhone and iPad to create a variety of effects, making it something to look out for in 2018.

How can your business benefit from augmented reality?

With AR experiences becoming more diverse, it’s a great time to take advantage and use it to promote your business. There are a number of benefits to using AR, such as making adverts more interactive. AR allows viewers to see products in a realistic way, which can be beneficial for retailers. If a customer is looking to buy furniture, AR could help them see how a table will look in their home.

AR can create incentive opportunities, which is how Snatch is positioning itself. Prize diversity can keep customers invested. This also ties into gamification and makes treasure hunting entertaining and competitive.

In the case of ARKit, users are given the power to create their own experiences. Not only does this introduce them to AR, it also makes them more likely to check out other AR apps and devices. This generates a social buzz that’s passed on from person to person.

We’re in the early days of AR, but as technology becomes more advanced, small businesses will find new ways to take advantage. As a digital marketing agency, we’re focused on helping you connect with your customers. Our services range from content marketing to SEO, and you can check them out on our website.