Here’s What We Thought of 2013..

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

2013 has definitely proved itself to be a rather interesting year. Many things have happened, yes this is a very broad statement but it is true. This year has seen some ups and downs. Some highlights being the birth of a future King, as Prince George was welcomed to the world, and Andy Murray finally gets a Wimbledon title after  we all saw his heartbreaking defeat in 2012, both having a great impact on the United Kingdom (hurrah). However, coupled with this, 2013 also witnessed some tragic events, with the Boston Bombings and the hurricane in Philippines.

It’s safe to say we can all definitely look back on this year and find our own highlights and pitfalls. The same can be applied to our own SEO industry, there have been many ups and downs, changes which have been implemented, some that have created aggravation, others we’ve welcomed with open arms. So we are going to take a look back at some of the things that have created an impact on SEO this year, as we await 2014.

First : there were the Hummingbirds. I have already blogged about this update in SEO, but as this post is a review, alas I must mention it here. The Hummingbird update was one that has your companies best intentions, the focus is to help your customers find you on the internet by improving the search experience. Hummingbird takes a semantic view of the search query and the page content to try and identify the user intent, whilst trying to understand the meaning behind the search rather than just the words themselves.

Second : we saw the advances to the Penguin update, its focus was to target companies and websites who violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. This means that those people who place links throughout the internet, especially links which are not even relevant are going to be punished. It’s not just your content that needs to be relevant, but your links do too, the same applies for both, the links and content alike, need to both aid a customer and provide them with help or answers, rather than just being there to help push rankings.

Third : Social Media has never been more prevalent in SEO. Twitter and Facebook is no longer a hobby for the pre-teens, it has become a necessity for nearly any business, and a great driving force in all areas of Digital Marketing. There are obviously more social signals, such as Google + and LinkedIn, but Twitter and Facebook have had the most changes. The social channels can help improve sales, as well as drive traffic and aids in Google authority.This, once again, has been discussed in many previous blog posts, so you can click here to read up on any topic of interest.

Fourth : Quality Content is key! Now this may seem obvious, but long long ago, it may have been very easy for a website to rank for keywords and get a high page rank, based on duplicate content and random keyword stuffing, as long as there was some form of content on the website. However, Google has made it very clear that the content they want seeing being directed to your website, in the form of a Guest Post, or from your website, in the form of a Blog, has to be (in our own words) a work of literary genius. Now we can’t all be Charles Dickens, but it is better to invest time in creating a quality piece of content, using research and your own knowledge, to use for Guest Posting opportunities and your companies Blog. Google would rather praise one piece of well written content, then several poor quality articles.

Now that’s a few things that’s happened in SEO, but what about us, it’s been a great year for UpSearch too! We have welcomed new employees through the door, expanding our wonderful team and we have even picked up an award along the way don’t you know…

So it is safe to say we are ending this year on a high and we hope you are all too.  SEO is a great industry that’s always new and improving, we hope our blogs have provided an insight and created interest for our readers. We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. See you in 2014!