Have you ticked off everything on your Christmas SEO list?

Written by Beth Cunniffe: Content manager.
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Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but for eCommerce companies and their websites in particular, it’s a complete whirlwind. More than that. It’s a tornado. It’s a rocket ship going full tilt towards the moon. It’s that scene from Jumanji where the animals stampede through the house. It’s chaotic.

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With events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday driving even more traffic to websites, it’s essential for eCommerce companies to have all their ducks in a row in due time. In 2015, Black Friday online shopping totalled a staggering £1.1.billion, which highlights how much potential there is for eCommerce sites in the run up to Christmas.

We might think getting all our Christmas presents and food bought is stressful enough, (has anyone actually finished theirs yet? And then there’s all the wrapping…) but providing the means to actually do it is a whole other ball game. So with that in mind, have you ticked off everything on your Christmas SEO list?

Seasonal Keywords

These are your keywords that will see a surge in search volume as Christmas creeps closer. Keywords such as “gifts for Dad” and “women’s gift ideas” are the type of searches that will be done but it’s also worth looking at price derived keywords such as “Christmas gifts under £20” as people search for ideas for their work secret Santa presents. Conversions will be higher for this type of keyword because there is a strong buyer intent associated with them. Of course, there’s no point starting to try and optimise your content for seasonal keywords in November because it’s too late. Ideally, you need to start a minimum of 4 months earlier.

Christmas content

Your seasonal keywords aren’t going to be of any use to anyone if you haven’t got a comprehensive Christmas content strategy. Christmas based landing pages are obviously a necessity with tailored content to boot. But it’s also worth crafting Christmas blogs to bolster this. For example, blogs entitled “Best Secret Santa Gifts for £5” or “Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Mum.”

Tailor your PPC

We’ve previously championed combining PPC with your Organic SEO and Christmas is no different. If you’re creating all this great new festive content but you forget to change your PPC ads then you’re missing out on a huge market. This is the time when you want maximum visibility and your Organic strategy and PPC ads should inform each other.

Get social

Facebook, Twitter and email marketing campaigns are a great way to promote your new festive pages. The best eCommerce sites go heavy on social and tailor it to the Christmas period. We’re talking festive infographics, discounts and helpful guides to maximise the shopping experience. Not only will this draw people to your site it will help you build vital links for your SEO.

Find and fix broken links

Whether it’s just an error, a page has relocated or you’ve removed out of stock products without redirecting the page, a broken link is a quick ticket off your site for a consumer. If you no longer stock a product, redirect the page to a bestselling item or something similar (you’ll need a 301 redirect if you’re never going to stock it again or a 302 if it’s temporary). Then at least you’re offering the customer something! A broken link on one of your most popular pages can have a massively detrimental effect on your conversions.

The key to success at Christmas is to start early. Timing is everything and implementing these changes early enough will be the difference between your website making Santa’s SEO nice list and his naughty list.

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If you haven’t managed to get your Christmas strategy just right and you think you’ll need help next year, we can take care of it for you. We’re an SEO agency in Manchester that can get your eCommerce site off the ground. Off the ground, running and hurdling over your competitors. Let us tell you how…

5 Things To Tick Off Your Christmas SEO List