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In the 10 years that Facebook has been available to the public our online experience has completely changed. From allowing us to share our images and thoughts to friends with ease, to providing a whole new platform for businesses to flaunt what they’ve got, Facebook has contributed massively towards our day to day lives throughout the years.

Let’s start from the Beginning…

In 2003, a bright second year student (sorry sophomore) came up with the idea of creating a programme which allowed students of Harvard University to pick between two images of former students in a hot or not fashion. The nature of this site landed Zuckerberg in hot water, facing exclusion and legal charges from his ivy league education, and consequently the site promptly being shut down. Ultimately the charges were dropped and Zuckerberg quickly began to write coding for his new website ‘thefacebook.com’ which resulted in yet another legal battle, this time with former students, which settled in 2008.

Thefacebook.com was designed in a similar manor to the former facemash, and began it’s life as a Harvard exclusive site in 2004 – progressing to a student exclusive social site later that year.

On September 26 2006, Facebook was made available to anyone over the age of 13 under the new domain facebook.com. It didn’t take long before major business began to want a slice of the Facebook cake with Microsoft investing $240 million for a 1.6% share of the site in October 2007. Business were also quick to utilise the platform for their own marketing purposes, with the announcement of 100,000 business pages created on the platform in late 2007.

Facebook as we know it!

Now so much more than a platform for sharing memes and vague statuses about our feelings, facebook has expanded into a multipurpose $350 billion company!

For personal profiles the platform has grown to become the go to place for world knowledge and news, with 66% of users using the site to discover what’s happening around them, making facebook the second biggest social platform for news articles.*

For businesses, the site has grown into a means of quickly and efficiently targeting their desired audience with ease. Whether this be through targeted posts, promoted posts or Facebook ads, it’s unquestionable that Facebook has done wonders for providing cheap and efficient marketing solutions for the 50 million small business that use the platform.


Let’s be fair to Mark Zuckerberg, despite all of the whinging about how Facebook has ‘ruined’ our lives and ‘stolen’ our privacy, Facebook has contributed to some pretty amazing things throughout the years – from reuniting lost siblings and beloved pets, to providing alibi’s to those innocent of crimes, Facebook has truly brought people together throughout the years. Thank you for a wonderful 10 years!



*research taken from PewResearchCenter (News Use Across Social media Platforms 2016)