Half-hearted SEO will give half-hearted results

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

In our industry it’s quite common to hear comments from potential clients such as:

“I’ve got a budget for SEO but lets start off small, if the SEO brings results then I’ll carry on with the full budget”

or a variation on this:

“If you make us more money then we’ll spend more money”

Both of the above comments makes perfectly sound business sense – after all, we do marketing to get a return on investment. However, the issue here is not just ROI, but how quickly that ROI is achieved and how sustainable it is. Remember SEO isn’t advertising; SEO is a long term, measurable and sustainable way to market a business overtime which can bring powerful results in terms of sales, traffic and brand recognition.

Results don’t happen on day 1 or 2 and sometimes not even until day 90 – this why we dovetail SEO with other online marketing techniques (PPC, Social Media etc but we won’t go into that in this post) to help market the business while SEO efforts start to bear fruit.

SEO is an investment  for the long term, and going into an SEO campaign half heartedly (In terms of budget and resources) and expecting good ROI from day one will most certainly disappoint most people as (depending on the target industry) results from SEO may not happen for a good 3 months.

Our friends over at WebProNews agree:

“It’s reasonable to expect a return on a marketing investment, but tactics like SEO require a commitment to content, links and continued attention to web analytics and conversion optimization for improved performance. If an online marketer within a company is tasked with engaging outside help from a SEO consultant or digital marketer, it’s important to understand that commitment so expectations with business leaders can be managed.

As a consultant, nothing is worse than seeing a SEO program just start to gain momentum (especially after the client side marketer has overcome the hurdles of getting internal buy-in) only to have someone from the C-Suite look at a balance sheet and say: “We’ve invested $X on SEO over the past 3 months on the new website and we’ve only had 2 leads?  We’re wasting our time and money on SEO, since it doesn’t work.”

You can read the full WebProNews article here: