Now Who Lives In A House Like This? . . Err . . The INTERNET!

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
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Google Unveils It’s Data Centres For The Very First Time

Google has always been very private and secretive about what goes on behind it’s (tightly) closed doors – and they still are – but for the first time ever in all it’s history, Google has pulled back the curtain to reveal an inside look into the eight (and counting) IMMENSE data centres that are home to . . well . . the internet!

These collossal buildings are home to an astounding network of super computers that handle all internet searches via it’s search engine, all Youtube searches, uploads, views etc, everything gmail, anything that happens on it’s social network Google Plus . .  along with anything to do with Google’s other multitude of services! Wow!

In fact these data centres are so large that employees are provided with BIKES to get around them!

With all those super computers there has to be lots of wires and cabeling right? Oh yea! . . But in true Google style, you don’t just get plain old grey or black cables and pipes, oh no! The data centres are awash with colour; blues, greens, reds, yellows – the iconic Google colours!

Guess what else happens in these data centres?

Your data is collected! Browsing habits, what you like/dislike, interactions – most of what you do on the internet basically!

Google then uses this data to improve it’s services – possibly most notably it’s paid search!

This is so that it can effectively show the most relevant ads to the people who are most likely to click and/or make a purchase! Want your ad in front of these people? Get in touch!

There is a presentation below of some of the photos from inside the Google Data Centre but you can take a look around for yourself with street view!

Visit this link to take a look around:

P.S Look out for the storm trouper standing guard over one of the servers when you are using the street view!!

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