Google Plus Branding Strategies [Infographic]

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If you think of Google Plus as ONLY a social network that hardly anyone actually uses then you need to keep reading and learn more about it. Google is slowly (or not so slowly really) integrating Google+ into everything related to Google. It is fast becoming the core of the search engine giant and those who do not embrace it now could be setting themselves up for a bumpy ride later.

We have suspected for a while now that part of Google’s master plan to get everyone using G+ would be to give those who use it to put their name to content, a ranking advantage in the SERPs. This would mean that digital marketers, savvy webmasters and influencers would flock to G+ in droves and with them would come a portion of their audience. From here, the little guy with the smaller site will follow suit and then in order for anyone to have a chance of competing, you will have to join Google Plus.

Ok that’s all well and good but still nobody actually USES Google Plus even though they are on it do they?

This is where and how the ranking advantage comes in. You see, people with a bigger audience in Google+ and more influential people in their audience, will have a stronger Author Rank meaning any content they produce on the web will rank easier than someone that does not have a strong Author Rank. Now . . how do you grow and engage an audience? Same underlying practice of feeding it. You have to feed the audience with the content it craves and also engage and interact with that audience. . . .wait a second . . that means that you have to actually USE Google Plus! . . .Bingo!

That was our prediction soon after it first launched and now Google have recently come out and said that yes, Author Rank will in fact impact search results.

Sooo, to help get you started with Google Plus we have for you a great infographic from CopyBlogger that has some great tips about branding yourself on Google Plus.

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

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