Google is now friends with Social Media – UP Search Likes this

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

It’s been a busy few weeks and we’ve been inundated with new client proposal requests that are seemingly flooding in and also preparing for all the continual changes happening in the world of search and social media.

As always – a lot has been happening in the world of search and social media  – too much to cover in this post but here’s a brief rundown of some interesting stuff:

Google releases its major milestone algorithm updates – the rankings of so-called Content Farms and low quality (shallow) sites are hit and takes down some innocent bystanders.

Reports surface of Facebooks new “valuation” reaching a bubble-bursting $76 billion whilst Twitter is valued at a not-so-shabby  $7.7 billion.

The madness of Charley Sheen continues as he sets a new Guinness World Record for fastest Twitter user to hit one million followers.

But one of the most interesting and probably most important for the search world is the fact that Google now takes into account social media and uses that as one of the factors of ranking websites in its search results.

Before you go out and start spamming the hell out of your twitter and facebook pages, Google also have measures in place to detect this so don’t do this, as it’s more likely to do harm then good.

Last year Matt Cutts, an unofficial spokesperson and senior engineer at Google mentioned that social media (Twitter to be more precise) had no influence on its search results. But then in a complete U-Turn in a video blog months after the intiial mention, announced that Google does in deed look at links from social media (mainly Twitter) although they won’t be treated as back links in the normal (SEO) sense, but they will provide Google with an indication of new content.

Many see social media as nothing more than a way for friends to share pictures and exchange social conversation, but there’s no doubting the impact that social media has had on society and the way can shape public opinion – U.S President Barack Obama used social media to not only help him win the election, but to get his message across to the people quicker.

With over 500 million Facebook users and over 75 million Twitter users, it was just a matter of time before Google had to sit up and pay attention to what all these social media users are tweeting, updating and sharing – and now that Google has sat up and is listening – it’s going to be making big changes to the way it ranks websites.

This, coupled with the new algorithm changes means that any business who is serious about competing for rankings on Google needs to take a good look at what they do now and what they’ve done in the past to build links, because it’s highly likely that some of those ‘questionable’  links that were built years back may be sweeped away from right under your site. * Picture the foundations of a building suddenly been taken away and you’ll understand how serious this change could be.

Luckily for our clients, we are a forward thinking Mancheser SEO company and we are constantly on top of new online marketing and social media marketing  trends.

Have you been affected by the algorithm change? Let us know how you were affected and we might be able to give you some advice.