Gaming Most Popular for Electronic Xmas Gifts

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

According to the Giftmeister 2010 Holiday Gifting Trend Report, video games and consoles reign supreme when it comes to electronic Christmas gifts.

Following the news that the new World of Warcraft expansion pack, Cataclysm sold 3million copies in it’s first day of sale, it comes as no surprise to find video game related products sitting at numero uno. One surprise however is that E-Readers and tablets came in last of the top 5 – with just 4% share. This contradicts a similar trend report into the top 10 electronic products of 2010, which saw the Amazon Kindle take the top spot, and Apple’s iPad in second.

Yet for the Christmas holiday period, gaming seems to be the thing on most people’s mind:

2010 Top 5 Gifting Product Categories:

  1. Video Games and Games Consoles – 38%
  2. Smartphones – 16%
  3. Cameras – 12%
  4. MP3 Players – 10%
  5. E-Readers and Tablets – 4%

2010 Top 10 Most Popular Products:

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Apple iPad
  3. Microsoft Kinect
  4. Nikon Coolpix
  5. Sony Playstation 3
  6. Apple iPod Touch
  7. Barnes & Noble Nook
  8. Polaroid 2.0
  9. Canon Powershot 12.1
  10. Samsung N-150 JP05 Netbook

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