Finding The Perfect Match: A Relationship For The Digital Age

Written by Hannah Ward: Managing director.
· 4 minute read

You know your business better than anyone; you know what makes it great, and you want to tell your customers what makes it great too. But maybe your company lacks the resources or the expertise to do this in house. Or, maybe you’re too busy day to day with the job of… well, doing your job.

That’s when you need a partner who can play a key role in building your business online. And so begins the search for the perfect digital marketing agency…

But with so many agencies out there, how do you distinguish between the frogs and the princes?

Worry not: our guide to the finding the perfect digital match guarantees love at first sight, and will help you form a relationship that lasts…

1. They should be a great listener

From your first meeting, your agency should want to know all about you, really taking an interest in your company, your goals, your marketplace, your competitors, and your customers.
This is so important as getting a deep understanding of your business will help to yield the best results.

Your perfect partner would never ignore your opinion, or try to sell you things you don’t need. What they should do is provide an effective to solution to meet your specific business goals, and ultimately make you money.

2. You should feel like you’re in safe hands

You’re an expert in your industry, but chances are you’re not a digital marketer (just like the agency are not roofers, or hoteliers, or lawyers). This is when opposites attract: your agency should be the experts in their field, so you can rest assured that they’ve got it covered.

Take a look at the agency’s track record: how are their other relationships? A good agency will be more than happy to show you their client list and encourage you to speak to their clients for a reference if you wish.

They’ll also be able to show you some great case studies demonstrating real, tangible examples of the results they’ve achieved for their clients.

3.They should treat you like you’re special

You know what makes you unique. Your agency should take the time to understand this, and then tell the world on your behalf.

Everything, from the pitch to your content, should be tailored to your business. Your pitch should be industry-specific, with references to your company and your competitors. Your content marketing strategy should follow an approach tailored to your brand’s identity. Your personality should shine through your social media accounts.

Your PPC campaign should target your customers, whoever and wherever they are. Your website should provide the experience that your user wants.

If you’re getting the impression that you’re just one in a long line, then it’s time to move on…

4.They should be looking for more than just a fling

Is your agency making you happy? Just because they’ve sealed the deal doesn’t mean they can stop trying and let themselves go…

Your perfect agency should never treat you like a ‘quick win’ and a ‘fast buck’: good agencies want clients for life, and usually believe that the way to achieve that is simple: by doing things right.

5. They should be the whole package

Look for an agency that can give you everything you need. Having your website built by one agency, your SEO undertaken by another, and your PPC by yet another is going to leave everyone involved feeling unfulfilled.

It’s a good idea to find an agency whose team includes digital marketers, UX and CRO experts, and web designers and developers. That way, every aspect of your website’s design, build and promotion is all under one roof, giving you a cohesive strategy and a seamless service that also saves you time and money.

6. Being good with money doesn’t hurt either…

Now, we know money isn’t everything. But having someone who’s going to make sure you’re well looked after is never a bad thing (call us shallow…)

Your agency should create digital strategies that have an emphasis on ROI, because that’s really what matters. Reporting should also be part and parcel of what your agency delivers so that you’ll always know exactly what’s going on.

The ideal agency should understand business, which means they understand cash. Forking out a lump sum for digital services is tough on even the healthiest balance sheet, so it helps to find an agency who will work with you as best they can to offer fee structures that are inline with commercial goals and cash flow.

7. There’s got to be a spark

As we all know, sometimes you just ‘click’. And when it comes to finding your perfect agency match, chemistry really is all-important: it’s so much easier to work closely with someone you actually like!

Your agency should be as passionate about the success of your company as you are: your goals should become your agency’s goals, and then you’ll be working together to create something fantastic. And hopefully having fun doing it!

Of course, there’s no science behind the ‘spark’: you just have to meet, have a chat, test the water. And when you know, you just know.

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