52% increase in business from PPC in just 6 months for our finance client

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Our client, a mortgage broker, came to us in Summer 2018 with an all familiar scenario, their PPC had dropped and was becoming commercially unviable. There’s never an easy answer as to why a PPC account has dropped off as it’s completely situational to the account. Only an in-depth account review can help us identify the issues with an account and that’s what we did! Since taking over the account in Summer 2018, our client has seen exceptionally strong results from PPC thanks to our complete PPC and marketing strategy overhaul.


The task

We were tasked to get our clients PPC account back on track. Our client is a long-term adopter of paid search, and for many years, enjoyed strong results from their paid search activity. Unfortunately, our client’s results from PPC began to dip around 2 years ago and it never quite recovered. Our client moved to another agency in Summer 2017 but after 1 year, found they were still unhappy with the results and decided to leave their agency. That’s when they came to RUN2! We were tasked to review the account, overhaul the strategy and ultimately, get the clients leads back on track and to make PPC commercially viable again. We also tasked ourselves to increase the conversion rate to above 10%. One of the problems our client faced with the previous agency also was that they focussed too much on improving just one metric, rather than the full spectrum of key metrics.


What we did

We ran an in-depth analysis of the PPC account to identify any errors and also to identify areas of the account that needed to be improved. We analysed the accounts keyword targeting, audience targeting, account structure, bidding strategies and ad text. We also had a look at what options we had to improve the PPC landing pages in terms of design and content. After our analysis, we concluded that the audience and keyword targeting wasn’t relevant to the business and it was actually bringing in poor quality leads. The account structure was also inconsistent and there was no real bidding strategy implemented, both of these factors were negatively affecting the performance of the account. We decided the best plan of action was for a full strategy and structure overhaul and also to completely re-design the landing pages and to change the themes and messaging of the content. The strategy and structure overhaul was implemented within one week and the landing page design changes were implemented over a few weeks with testing and optimisation still on-going.


The results

Since taking over the account, our client has seen exceptionally strong results. The PPC conversion rate increased from an average of 6.04% to 13.52%, the cost per lead was reduced by over 20% and the amount of business increased by 52%. This was all done in less than 6 months. All of the key metrics improved within the first month and we have seen the account go from strength to strength every month thanks to our on-going optimisation, testing and innovative approach to the PPC strategy.


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