Exactly What Time You Should Be Posting On Social Media…

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

We all know the importance of using social media and interacting with audiences across all platforms, however there has been a lot of speculation and confusion about exactly WHEN you should be posting…

Yes, that’s right, it does in fact matter what time of day your posts go live. In order to receive maximum engagement on these posts, there is an exact science as to when most people are interacting on each social network and therefore this should be the time you’re posting. Simples.

Business2Community have come up with a fantastic infographic outlining the best (and worst) times to be posting updates. You can see the full infographic here.  This is definitely worthwhile having a read of (and bookmarking, and well, just live by these guidelines for a while). Of course, these can change, user habits do alter so keep an eye out for any updates to ensure your posts are receiving as much attention as they deserve.

There are different demographics using each social network and this reflects in the times they’re most commonly used. For example, with professional social networks such as linkedin and google+ the best times to post are around the beginning of working hours as people are settling in at their desks. However, not all of your target audience are active on social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook until much later in the day; the peak of Facebook traffic is actually at 3pm on a Wednesday! Perhaps this is due to Wednesday being hump day and about the time that boredom sets in?! .. Either way, schedule your social posts to go live in the slotted times, and avoid the worst times and see what difference it makes to your social campaigns!

Something to consider is if your site targets international markets; you need to think about possibly posting to times that suit your domestic audience, but then also at times that will be appropriate for those abroad. Some of the times that have been talked about as being the “worst times to post” may actually be relevant for an international following, so bear that in mind and work out those time differences.  For larger, global companies they utilise several social media accounts on each network to serve relevant countries. This may be something worth considering if it all becomes too confusing on one account!