Ecommerce: how we increased revenue by over 100%

Written by Hannah Ward: Managing director.
· 4 minute read

As an agency, our objective is always to make our clients money. We love to see that we’re having a positive impact on a client’s profits; for that reason ecommerce accounts can be a dream to work on as we can clearly see when we’re making a difference to revenue.  

We were recently nominated for an award for Best Ecommerce Site for our work with one of our clients, Custom Cookie Company.

Custom Cookie Company was an existing SEO client that we have been working with for over a year. Whilst we had steadily grown organic traffic, website performance remained consistent. We knew it was possible to increase conversions, so we pitched the idea of a new website with a streamlined user experience with the aim of increasing online sales.

What we did

The new site was a fully bespoke design that was created to not only deliver significant sales and outstanding user experience but to also represent the brand in a unique and creative way.

We used Google Analytics and Behavioural Analysis software such as Hotjar to craft a website that was not only structured perfectly for search, but that also considered the Custom Cookie audience from a design and content perspective.

The results

Since the launch of the new site, and alongside an ongoing digital marketing strategy, we’ve seen a 89% uplift in ecommerce conversions rate, a 29% increase in average order value, and ultimately a 101% increase in revenue via the website.

Our online conversion rate has also increased by over 1% as a direct result of the new site launching. The average conversion rate was previously 1.4%, but increased to 2.4% after the site went live.

Most importantly, revenue also increased greatly after the new website went live. The average order value doubled following the launch of the new site.

Continued growth

Due to ongoing digital marketing and CRO work, we have continued to increase revenue and improve conversion rates.
When we compare the last 6 months (January – July 2018) to the same 6 months last year (Jan – Jun 2017), we can see a:

35% Increase in conversion rate
47% Increase in quantity of products bought
62% Increase in organic revenue

It’s all about the money

Sometimes, it’s not all about increasing traffic: it’s about ensuring that visits convert into customers.

In the case of Custom Cookie Company, we had the traffic, but we knew we could make that traffic work harder. By conducting Behavioural Analysis, we were able to make better design choices that focussed on what’s important to each audience, especially the lucrative corporate market. We also refined the messaging, being clear about the value of buying from Custom Cookie Company.

If you’d like to see how we can have a positive impact on your bottom line, give us a call today.