Donald Trump’s Epic Spelling Mistake ‘Covfefe’

Written by Run2.
· 4 minute read

On the 31st May 2017 Donald Trump made a spelling mistake that stumped the world and had everyone questioning if they had missed out on a word in the English language.

Within minutes people were expecting the tweet to come down and an apology to be released but nothing was forthcoming. Automatically people were jumping around trying to guess what it could mean. Some thinking it could be code for a conspiracy theory. If you put the word ‘covfefe’ into Google Translate and tell it that is Russian, then it translates to ‘Soviet’.

It wouldn’t be the first time the White House has tweeted out a code. In January 2017, press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted the word ‘n9y25ah7’. This of course must be a code to some White House secret.
However the word has gone mad around the world. There are even t-shirts available to purchase.

And some clever soul even created its own twitter account for the work. Creating a brand new business and stream of income for this clever person.

It even made it into the Urban Dictionary with a rather imaginative definition. But who are we to say this isn’t true?

It is pretty clear that this must have been a mistake on Donald Trump’s behalf but his 31.8M followers jumped straight onto it. Trump did an acknowledgement of his mistake 2 hours afterwards however both tweets were deleted from twitter in the morning.  

We are pretty sure that this new word is going to take over social media for the near future with memes and jokes already popular online. Let us know of any good memes you find. We would love to see them. Here are a few of our favourites.