Digital results are “more measurable, fully trackable and attributable”

Written by Beth Cunniffe: Content manager.
· 4 minute read

According to a recent survey carried out by digital agency Marketing Signals, UK businesses are moving away from traditional print advertising in favour of digital ad spend.

More than 1325 marketing professionals were surveyed and 56% of them had moved their focus away from print advertising. Why? Well 64% said digital results were “much more measurable, as they are fully trackable and most importantly, attributable.”


UK businesses investing in digital

These findings follow a trend that we’ve been seeing over the last 12 months. In 2018, the Guardian’s digital revenue rose 15% to £108.6m, making up just over half of revenues, whilst its print advertising fell to less than 10% of their annual revenue.

And Next previously reported that its digital marketing spend is on track to rise by 500% between 2016 and 2020.


The benefits of digital advertising

It’s not difficult to see why UK businesses are trusting their money with digital advertising. With uncertainty surrounding Brexit and shrinking budgets CEOs are looking for methods that can help them achieve quarterly targets. And digital advertising can do just that.

64% of those surveyed said digital advertising provided transparency over ROI with spend easier to attribute to sales, and 62% reported increased conversions compared to traditional advertising methods.

But the benefits to embracing digital don’t end there. 

Digital advertising provides marketers with a more flexible strategy, one that can be modified as results roll in. And through digital advertising, you get a much more targeted audience reach compared to other offline methods.


The future is digital

Digital marketing budgets in the UK have increased at their highest rate since 2007 so it’s apparent the benefits of this channel aren’t going unnoticed. Last year, it was predicted that UK advertising would increase to £20.8bn throughout 2019, with the main driver of this being digital, which is around 60% of all advertising investment and accounts for the entirety of net UK advertising growth.

Those businesses who are slow to adopt digital will find themselves left far behind their competitors.