Digital Marketing for the Education Sector

Written by Run2.
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On the face of it, digital marketing for educational institutions should be one of the easiest sectors to target due to a highly engaged, tech-savvy audience. However, it can actually be one of the hardest sectors to pin down, with increasing competition and a constantly evolving landscape. The good news, however, is that there is still scope to stand out and pull ahead in this crowded market.

But how exactly do you do that?

Don’t Underestimate Organic Search

A pivotal digital marketing channel for many brands and companies, SEO can often be overlooked in the education sector due to many people believing the younger audience within this sector is only going to be interested in social channels. However, SEO is still a vital part of many schools, colleges and universities due to it’s wide-reaching audience and ability to be manipulated. People are also often more likely to make searching organically their first port of call when looking for a school, college or university, as research makes up a big part of peoples decision making in the early stages.

Embrace various types of content and media

To make the most out of organic search, it’s important to make sure you are embracing various types of content and media to make sure you are appealing to the right audience. Education makes up a large proportion of peoples lives, so it’s important to really demonstrate what life at the school, college or university is really like. This can be done in many ways, ranging from infographics which explains the school’s history and performance through the years, to video’s and imagery. Not only do people react well to these varying types of media, but so do search engines.

This is just one way we increased organic Traffic for IEC Abroad by 326% YOY as well as increasing their conversions by more than 84% during the same period.

Our company have been with Run2 for just over 2 years now, and we are very satisfied with the choice of agency we have made. Run2 are friendly, honest and dependable, and really go the extra mile. The SEO-service we receive from Run2 is really a full service – I feel very confident with the team at Run2 looking after our business.

Run2 have helped us to create exactly the type of website we had in mind – they simply translated our ideas into a great, functional website with very little back and forth. We are extremely happy with the end result, and it is really obvious how their SEO experience has underpinned the way they built the site. The new site has really made a massive difference to our business!” – Kimberley De Jong – Marketing Manager at IEC Abroad

Don’t forget about local SEO

Local SEO will almost certainly be an important part of your strategy and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s no secret that despite the appeal of moving away to University and becoming more independent, more and more students are choosing to live at home. This is in part to the higher living costs of moving away but creates a great opportunity for universities targetting students living closer by. After all, if you are targetting people living closer to your school, college or university, you are more likely to be able to understand and connect with them, on social and in the content you write.

Make the most of your Social Media Channels

Social media is likely to be one of your strongest channels for this demographic. It’s wide-reaching, can take advantage of varying types of media such as images and videos and is also a great way of communicating directly with your audience, answering questions and queries they may have whilst doing their research. Social media is also a great way of keeping your content looking fresh and engaging, it’s quick to update and can be used a great medium to advertise events and open days to your prospecting clients.

At Run2, we’re proud to say that we work with a number of clients from a whole range of sectors, including Construction; Financial, Insurance an of course education.  To find out how we can help your business with your digital marketing strategy, get in touch today.