Design around the 2018 FIFA World Cup In Russia

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

So, as the 2018 World Cup hits, the countries come together to watch and hope their home team comes home with the win. Though this hasn’t just started, the preparation has been in the works for years, from the stadiums, to the practice for the players to the design of the new look and feel, always trying to one up the previous World Cup.

So lets see what went into the design, starting with the new logo..








Love it or hate it, it sure does have a lot to it.The inspiration for the new logo was taken from Russia’s rich history of bold achievement and innovation, with a key theme of space being inevitably present, reflecting Russia’s pioneering adventures in space. They were the first to put the first artificial earth satellite in space!

The overall appearance of the logo houses the recognisable world cup silhouette that we all know, yet thats where the similarities stop. The colours of red, blue, black and gold are a new addition inspired by Russian art dating back to the realist icon paintings (which also just happen to be the same colours of the Russian flag).

The ball at the top of the logo is supposed to represent a ‘magic ball’ that puts the worlds love of football in the spotlight. The overall theme being uniting magic and dreams. This is further shown with the shape of the logo being a spaceship lifting off and man-kinds ambitions to reach for the stars, with windows filled with stars. Symbolising the anticipation of an intense and magical tournament. 



On to the opening Graphics and Animations… 









A big part of the excitement around the tournament is built up with the Adverts and opening titles that go along with it. This year the graphics are made by a small production agency nestled in London’s Clerkenwell, called Noah Media Group. The colour palette makes it’s way into the opening sequence as does the overall theme of ‘Magic and dreams’. It features Russia’s Faberge famous Ornamental eggs heritage, with the intricate Faberge opening to reveal the World Cup trophy.  One of the designers said “interpreting the jewelled Fabergé egg allowed the studio to use the World Cup branding in a “cinematic” way and led to the animations appearing ‘rich and intricately designed”.

The opening sequence sees the bejewelled-egg-ball fly through the football stadium, Russian cities and past motifs and landmarks associated with the country, like the Saint Basil Cathedral, along with passing other references to Russians achievements. The camera also flies by a Firebird and Slavic dragon, both of which feature prominently in Russian folklore and mythology.

Although It’s not mentioned to have been an inspiration, but to me, I’m getting a major Game of thrones vibe from it all!