Create a Landing Page That Converts!

Written by Melanie Smith: Digital marketing manager.
· 4 minute read

If you’re looking to increase the number of conversions your website generates, you might want to look at improving your landing pages.

What is a Landing page?

You might have heard the term before – a landing page is simply the webpage a visitor is taken to after clicking on your link, whether it is from your paid advertisement (PPC), from a search engine result page (as a result of your SEO!) or even from an e-mail or social media campaign. A good landing page should be help to convert your visitors in to leads. There are a number of key things you should remember when designing your landing pages for conversion optimisation.

Top Tips

  1. Headline – It is important to catch your visitor’s attention with a clear and concise headline. This is your chance to engage the visitor as it is likely this will be the first thing they will read. Your headline should be straight to the point, stating the benefits in an appealing way. If your headline does the trick, the visitor is more likely to stay on the page and carry on reading!
  2. Above the fold – This is crucial for creating a good landing page – all important information should be above the fold. If a user has to scroll down the page to find what it is they are looking for then they are less likely to stay on the page and even less likely to convert!
  3. Image – A high quality image will help to catch the visitor’s eye. It is important that the image you choose is directly related to the page and what it is the visitor is looking for. The image should compliment your headline.
  4. Call to action – Whatever your call to action is, it should be easy to find, in a prominent position and not lost somewhere at the bottom of the page. Think about the wording you use here, for example “Get a free quotation” sounds much more appealing than ‘Request a call back”
  5. Relevance – This is perhaps the most important point. Does your landing page meet your visitor’s expectations and provide what they are looking for based on your ad? If your advertisement states “Buy top quality hats!” then the visitor is expecting to be taken to a page all about buying top quality hats.

The overall aim here is to get your visitors to stay on your page by fulfilling their expectations and giving the visitor what they need.