Can law firms take advantage of email marketing?

Written by Melanie Smith: Digital marketing manager.
· 4 minute read

We all receive daily emails from our favourite fashion brands, restaurants and hotels, or publications. Email marketing lends itself extremely well to these types of businesses as a way of keeping in touch with customers, sharing exciting announcements or promoting their latest news or products.

As a law firm with a completely different audience and service offering to those mentioned, you might believe that email marketing won’t work for you.  However, email can actually help law firms to build relationships and trust with subscribers, which may eventually lead to your firm being at the top of a potential clients’ list when they, or somebody the know, are in the market for your services.

Most of us will need some form of legal help at some point in our lives, whether it be to help write a will, buy a home or settle a divorce, so email marketing can be a great way for law firms to connect and build trust with potential future clients.

If you’re a law firm wondering how to get started with email marketing, here are a few tips.

Building a list

Your first place to start is building up your email list! Whether you already have a list of contacts, or you’re starting from nothing, there are steps you can take to grow your list.

As a law firm, you’re likely to have a list of contacts you’ve made – whether that be clients or networking connections, this is a good starting point. Next time you pick up a business card at an event, could this be another email for you to add?

You can also build your list through your website. A simple subscription box will help with this, but to increase the number of email addresses captured, try offering website visitors an incentive to subscribe – this can be anything from a giving a downloadable guide, a white paper, an ebook or even access to a useful calculator tool.

Perfecting your content

So you have an email list, now what? Selecting the content to send to your list can be difficult, it needs to be meaningful and valuable to the people you are sending to. Keep things relevant, engaging and useful – here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Share snippets of your blog content with your subscribers
  • News from your firm – awards received, achievements, details of a recent case you won, recent hires or firm growth are all positive stories your subscribers may like to hear about
  • Important news that could affect clients or potential clients, such as new legislation and changes in the law, along with your expert opinion on the topic
  • Content to encourage interaction between your firm and your subscribers. Can you offer a free consultation? An invite to an event? Or perhaps the opportunity for your subscribers to ask a legal question for free. Incentives like these will help to encourage subscribers to interact with your firm, or contact you directly. 
  • Opinion pieces covering relevant major legal cases – this can help to position your firm as an expert

Extra pointers

You’ve built your list and you’ve got your content ready for your first email. You’re almost there! Here are a couple of extra pointers before you go to send out your first campaign!

  • Test. Try testing different subject lines, different send times / days and different messaging in order to determine what performs best with your audience.
  • Be consistent. Ensure your campaigns are regular (without overdoing it!), and that the content remains consistently valuable and insightful.
  • Get help. Whilst email marketing can be a great tool for attracting new clients and staying connected to existing ones, it can be very time consuming, particularly for busy lawyers. Creating a visually appealing format, crafting the right content and knowing when to send it takes time and effort. A digital marketing agency offering email marketing services can help to grow your firm and perfect your email marketing campaigns.