By 2025 the majority of B2B revenue will come from ecommerce websites

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

According to Episerver’s survey of 700 decision-makers in B2B, 72% of respondents claimed that by 2025 the majority of their company’s revenue will come from B2B ecommerce websites that they own and operate.

That’s a big statement coming from a sector that hasn’t always been the quickest to get on the digital train. In fact, the B2B sector as a whole has a bit of a reputation of being slower to adopt and embrace digital than B2C, which is a reputation that doesn’t seem to be unfounded with 57% of respondents agreeing that their company has “a culture resistant to change and new digital technologies.”

However, the B2B sector is taking steps to change that. Results form the survey seem to reinforce the idea that BSB companies are finally realising the importance of online. Already we’ve seen examples of B2B companies improving their digital offering and the report highlighted that the top three digital experience technologies most likely to get investment by 2022 are web analytics or business intelligence (51%), an email marketing system (49%) and a B2B ecommerce platform (38%).

It’s pretty widely accepted now that even B2B companies need a website to stay competitive within their sector. And the number one website feature that is likely to be adopted in the next 12 months is personalised content. Also on the cards is improvements to the mobile experience.

What are B2B buyers looking for in their online experiences?

The survey didn’t just cover those in the B2B market who have something to sell, they also surveyed buyers to find out what they wanted. Some of the most popular recommendations for making it easier to do business online included self-service functionality, pricing on the website and easy scheduling with a salesperson.

84% of B2B decision-makers say increasing digital expectations from their customers or partners is their top external threat which is why B2B marketers need to realise the sector is a lot more similar to B2C than they may care to admit.

No matter what sector or industry you’re in, effortless interactions and seamless experiences is what every buyer wants!