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Black Friday Is Over: How To Prepare Your Website For Christmas

Written by Melanie Burgess: Digital marketing manager.
· 4 minute read

Black Friday has been and gone, and ‘Cyber Monday’ will soon to be over for another year, however, did you know that these two days are actually not the biggest shopping days of the year?

The biggest day for shopping for those last minute gifts is the final Saturday before Christmas, often referred to as ‘Super Saturday’ or ‘Panic Saturday’! So if your customers didn’t go crazy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, all is not lost – there’s still time to get your website in order as we head towards December and the lead up to Christmas!

From seasonal SEO, to festive themed landing pages, here are just a few things you can do now to boost your sales over the Christmas season.

Review The Basics

You might already have tons of exciting festive marketing campaign ideas, or Christmas promotions your customers are guaranteed to love, but it’s also important to take a step back and review the basics! Now is a great time to review your website SEO fundamentals:

  • Optimise your meta data with targeted ‘seasonal’ keywords, such gifts, gift ideas and presents
  • Ensure 404 errors are resolved and fix any broken links
  • Optimise your page speed – important for both search engines and impatient customers!
  • Be sure to place internal links throughout to provide shoppers with further ways to navigate your website, as well as to ensure search engines crawl and discover pages
  • Optimise title tags with a seasonal focus

Covering these SEO fundamentals will help pages to be crawled, and ranked properly, as well as providing a better experience for your users.

Do Your Research

Keyword research will help to give focus to your seasonal marketing campaigns – research the best terms to target for your niche and begin to build your Christmas themed keyword list.

Google Trends is a good place to start for some inspiration. A quick search for ‘Christmas gift’ shows the below related queries:

  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Christmas gift sets
  • Christmas gifts for her
  • Christmas gift baskets

Don’t forget about long-tail keywords such as product specifics, and pricing keywords such as ‘offers’, ‘cheap’ and ‘discounts’. As Christmas gets closer, delivery focused keyword terms are a good idea to capture those last minute shoppers.

If you have previous years of data – great! Use this to do an analysis of what has previously worked and what didn’t. Delve into Google Analytics and discover which pages drove the most traffic last Christmas. Which pages or products had the most conversions? Use these insights and build on their successes.

Festive Landing Pages

Dedicated landing pages are an effective way of attracting sales all year round, so give them a boost during the lead up to Christmas.

Use landing pages to feature specific products you wish to give an extra push, or to target a particular seasonal theme, such as ‘Christmas Gifts for mum’ or ‘Gifts for office secret santa’.

Be sure to optimise your landing pages for your specific keywords, with clear call to actions, and descriptive and enticing copy.

Christmas Content

Producing seasonal content can be a fun and effective way to not only engage with your audience, but a stream of regular, high quality and relevant content can also help to boost organic search rankings.

Think gift guides, Christmas themed videos or infographics, and holiday how-to’s. If you’re stuck for inspiration, Google Trends is a good source for discovering currently trending topics and queries.

Invest In Paid

Investing in paid channels such as PPC ads, remarketing, Google Shopping or social ads is one other way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Remarketing can remind past visitors of your brand, enticing them back to the site and keeping you at the forefront of their mind when they are ready to purchase.

Regardless of whether you’re running Facebook ads or an Adwords search campaign, be precise with your targeting, create compelling headlines and use strong value propositions throughout.

If you could do with some help with your digital marketing on the run up to Christmas, or indeed all year round, get in touch!