Analytics Reports To Help With Your PPC Campaigns

Written by Craig Archibald: PPC Executive.
· 4 minute read

At times, using Google Analytics can be rather overwhelming with regards to the volume of data and reports available to analyse. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of our favorite reports that can be used to improve your Google Ads performance.


Referrals Report 

Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals

Quite often, the referrals report is a popular way of measuring the performance of organic or even PR efforts, by recognising how well partner sites are driving traffic to your website, allowing you to further understand how users are finding your brand.

This data can also be used to create lists of top referral sites which can then be used to create a ‘Placements’ audience for Display campaigns in your Google Ads account. Ultimately driving higher-quality traffic to your site.


In-Market Segments Report

Audience > Interests > In-Market Segments

By referring to the In-Market Segments report, it displays users under categories based on their search behavior such as, ‘Travel’ and ‘Employment’. These top converting segments can then be used as ‘Audience’ targeting options within Google Ads, allowing you to ultimately narrow your reach to users with a higher conversion intent.

This is becoming more significant with regards to the increasing importance of understanding the behavior of the target audience; where targeting is becoming more individual-centric, rather than product-centric.


Devices (Mobile) Report

Audience > Mobile > Overview

With the growing rise in people using mobile devices compared to desktop, ensuring that you are targeting the correct devices can be paramount to higher-performing campaigns. In this report, you will be able to compare statistics between mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Typically, mobile devices tend to get a higher volume of traffic but desktop devices convert higher which will impact how you make bid adjustments for each device on your Google Ads campaigns. Although each website varies, so understanding your own website’s performance will be important to the decisions you make on Google Ads.


Geo-Location Report

Audience > Geo > Location

An often overlooked report that users tend to ignore as oftentimes, once a location has been set – it tends to stay that way. However, by further looking into the locations report, we can further understand top users by city, along with other important metrics such as conversion rate and revenue. By doing so, you are able to alter bid adjustments of more specific locations based on how well they are performing.


Site-Search Report

Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms

The site search report allows you to further understand what people are looking for after they land on your website. Often there can be a large gap between how we perceive users to be searching vs. how they are actually searching. Therefore, this can be a handy report to help further expand keyword lists for terms that users are looking for that you may not be bidding on as this is based on real user behavior.  

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