How We Are ‘A step ahead’ When it Comes to Web Design & Development

Written by Linzi Hunter: Head of design.
· 4 minute read

Everybody has a different idea of what they regard as a successful team, but here at Run2 we have a certain ethos that comes from the top down.

We have a shared belief that a strong creative culture is key to innovation– each of us takes infinite pride in what we produce, and embody the company values at every level.

Collaboration and communication are critical to success and these behaviours are hard-wired into our processes. Involving each team in the process of development ensures we achieve effective resolutions of goals across all touch points.

We are fortunate enough at Run2 to have a team of honest, authentic and agile individuals. There is a progressive approach to development and learning here where ownership and commitment is inspired.

We are often asked questions about our processes and our team here, so we’re going to cover off some of these and help you to gain a better understanding of what we do, what we believe in, and most importantly what we achieve for our clients.

Do you have a specific process for projects?

At Run2 we work in small teams, this allows us to really take ownership of projects that are awarded to us. We have different processes depending upon our clients’ needs but generally, when starting out, we will work closely with our client managers to clearly define the project goals and what the client is trying to accomplish – this way it really encourages an integrated intimacy with projects from concept to completion.

How are decisions made in an integrated team?

We always find that we work better when the goals of a project are clearly defined, that’s why the client managers are heavily involved in the process – they have the deepest understanding of the client and what results they want, we also have a designated developer present from the start to input on user experience. We will all contribute to define both the design goals and the end goals – everybody has an input on how we are going to tackle the project and what success will look like.

When we kick off on a project the beginning is very much exploratory – researching and interviewing clients tends to be a large part of this. We will explore ideas for web design using sketches and wireframes without getting too hung up on what the design will end up looking like – these are mainly for our use as clients like to see representational illustrations and operative visuals of work. Once we have collaborated on which ideas we want to move forward with, the designers will mock up prototypes and test them out.

The client and the team will get together and we use InVision to demonstrate our web design ideas. Everybody has a responsibility to provide feedback and suggest improvements before the final design is handed over to our developers.

wireframe design

How did we come to adopt this style of process?

As we mentioned, everybody has their own definition of a how a successful team should operate but this way really works for us. Individually we are much more agile and our process allows us all to have more control over the end result. It also allows us to stay engaged and invested in making improvements and getting the end result that our clients are eager for.

No specific person is designated to solely work on research, visuals or wireframes. We work in a way that allows us all contribute and to become embedded in the project at hand, this gives us much more ownership than you would have on a larger team.

The digital industry moves so fast, how do you keep up?

Over time we have put a lot of effort into what standard we accept as a baseline here – this standard only comes with many years of practice and consistent learning.

We are always educating ourselves and encourage attending conferences and workshops at every opportunity to absorb the knowledge of others too. If you do not take the time to consistently learn what’s new, you will fall behind.

The high quality standard of work we expect both individually and from our colleagues has allowed us to build trust with each other and our clients – they always expect quality designs, great user experience and exemplary results, and this is also what attracts new clients.

What does a successful project look like?

We have learnt that the success of a particular project does not begin and end with one person – it is more successful when there are many people involved. Feedback is important from everyone and incorporating that feedback when reiterated is paramount.

A division between teams ties into corporate culture and we feel that’s old school mentality. A more collaborative approach has always delivered successful outcomes and will continue to do so.

Everything we deliver at Run2 is the forefront of the digital industry, that’s why we are always ‘A step ahead’.