6 Rules of Conversion-Centered Content Marketing

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Creating beautiful content that is relevant and useful for your target demographic is only half of the battle in creating a successful content marketing strategy. The next part – and the part that’s a little less glamorous – is optimising that content for conversions.

Think about how many times you’ve abandoned a webpage because it was difficult to navigate or because it wasn’t optimized for your device. With so much information available online, if your content is visually unappealing, your viewers will abandon your site and seek out the information elsewhere, regardless of how outstanding your content might be.

At Run2 we take the time to consider your message and your intended audience, to which we will optimise your content so that it will work harder for you and ultimately, influence improvements to your overall conversion rate.

Here’s a list of some of our principles to consider that may help your site work smarter.

Our 6 Rules of Conversion-Centered Content Marketing Design

1) Provide a clear user path – Make sure visitors can easily find what they’re looking for, and always keep the behavior of your visitors in mind.

2) Keep design consistent – Just like your content should have a consistent tone and style, your content marketing should also have a consistent flow.

3) Optimise for different devices – It’s important that your content is optimized for all types of devices, screen sizes and resolutions.

4) Enable virality – Add sharing buttons for the social networks that your buyer persona uses the most in order to inspire social sharing.

5) Make calls-to-action pop – CTAs have to stand out from the rest of the page so that prospects know exactly where they need to click when they are ready to take the next step.

6) Offer the right prize – In order to encourage visitor-to-lead conversions, you need to make sure that your offer is worth the action required to get it.

Interested in discovering how a conversion-centered content marketing strategy can work for you? If so, make sure you get in touch with the Run2 team today.

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