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5 Ways To Get More From Your Customer Reviews

Written by Melanie Burgess: Digital marketing manager.
· 4 minute read

You’re probably already aware of just how powerful customer reviews can be, and just how much reviews can influence consumer opinion and trust.

If you’ve not started encouraging your customers to leave you a review, here’s why you need to start now. If you’ve already got a good collection of glowing customer testimonials – great! But are you getting the most out of them?

There are so many creative ways to use your customer reviews which can further help to increase conversion rate and improve consumer confidence in your brand. Here are just a few ways you can get more from your existing customer reviews.


Share on Social


If you’ve got lots of kind words from your happy customers, be sure to share them across your social channels.


advertising customer reviews


Consumers love to read about other shopper experiences, and so sharing customer reviews and user generated photos can add some authenticity and trust to your social feeds.

Reviews on social can also be much more effective at converting customers when compared to branded messages. According to data from Yotpo, reviews lead to higher conversion rates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Reviews shared to Facebook had a 40% higher conversion rate; for Twitter, conversion rate was 8.4 times higher and 5.3 times higher for LinkedIn.


 Use in Social Advertising


Social ads, when done correctly, have the potential to grow your brand, traffic and sales. However, aside from the targeting, it’s important to get the content of your social ad right.

Using user generated content, such as reviews, in your social advertising can be an effective way of grabbing a customers attention and standing out in a busy news feed. An experiment from Social Media Examiner saw Facebook ads which contained user generated content achieve a 300% higher click-through rate, 50% lower cost per clicks and a 50% lower cost per acquisition.


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A success story from Facebook for Yotpo also generated interesting results that demonstrate the power of reviews when it comes to advertising, with a 4x higher click through rate for review-based ads and a 50% drop in cost per acquisition on ads with reviews.


Display Reviews Next to CTAs


Use your reviews to help drive conversions. Whether you want a visitor to purchase, make an enquiry or sign up to your email list, make sure your testimonials are close to your key call to actions.

Seeing a real customer experience can help a visitor overcome any pain points or reservations at the decision making stage.


Use Them in Your Email Marketing


Your customers are likely to have a busy inbox, so it’s crucial your email marketing stands out from the crowd.


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Incorporating customer reviews into your email marketing can help encourage your customers to make a purchase. In a case study from marketingsherpa, using customer reviews in promotional email campaigns boosted click through rate by 25%.


Display Reviews in Your Content


If you’re spending a lot of time creating great content from your audience and driving traffic to your blog, these visitors could be potential customers. Take advantage of this by displaying brief reviews within your content. There are non-intrusive ways to do this, such as in a sidebar, carousel, or at the end of your blog post.

As you can see, it’s great to get positive customer reviews, but they work even better when you do something with them! So when those reviews start rolling in, get them in front of as many people as possible and make sure they’re included in your overall digital marketing strategy.