5 Reasons Why You Are Failing At Google AdWords

Written by Phil Birss: Group CEO.
· 4 minute read

Google adwords is a huge PPC platform, which allows advertisers to reach customers who may be searching for terms directly related to the business or product.

Sounds good right? It’s a wonderful platform that can legitimately drive business and ultimately success. However, things can quickly go wrong if you’re not a professional or you don’t have professional help.

In this blog I have looked at 5 reasons why things might be going wrong, and when to seek help.



This is one mistake I see far too often, businesses focusing entirely on one keyword, which resembles the entire essence of the business. This could result in high search volume results with low-conversion probability.

An Example “Shoes” is a great short tail keyword if you happen to be a company who sells them. However, “Blue Mens Nike Shoes” may have greater chance of conversions as this suggest buying intent. So this could have lower search volume, but will be more likely to convert.

You should always work with an Adwords Professional or Digital Agency to build out keyword research using keyword tools and industry knowledge. That way money is not wasted, and you can drive real success together.



Unfortunately, this is an all too common failing that I have come across. If the page a customer lands on is slow, doesn’t contain the right information, or is difficult to buy or inquire – then you are going to have issues.

A customer may not trust the brand and or buy, despite the fact they might be missing out on a great deal or product. Google will penalise heavily if it suspects landing page experience is below what’s expected. Meaning you can pay more per click than your competitors. So understandably this is fairly serious and is a main reason why adwords could be falling for you.

Landing pages should be fast, clear and simple, although that is easier said than done. It’s always worth working with a UX Designer and Adwords Professional to streamline a customer journey and really sell a product on a high quality website.



Bit more of a gripe really, but coming across adwords accounts with no conversion actions, and not understanding how many customers are being achieved by adwords etc – is more common than you think.

The main questions that need to be worked through are:

  • What keywords are you going to be using to drive traffic?
  • What sorts of landing pages will you have?
  • How are you going to generate leads, and what will you recieve?

These are all questions that need to be worked on together with the business owner and the adwords professional. If you’re still unsure or things are still not working as they should, it might be time to ask for help…

Building out this sales funnel can help give visibility on the success of any campaigns.

This can help you understand how ppc fits into a digital marketing strategy, and in general make everything run better.



Definitely the most common reason why most businesses fail at Google adwords is because of bad account optimisation.

Are you bidding on the wrong keywords?  Are your bids out of control? Getting no conversions?

Not all is lost. Even if things aren’t working something can still be learnt and saved from the situation.

Google Adwords has millions if not billions of different touch points accessible by a customer, with different bidding strategies and standard practices in place, which basically make it very complicated.  

Get it fixed before more money is wasted.



Unfortunately people will always leave a site no matter how well optimised it is. This could be because people are simply busy or just doing a bit of research. Targeting these customers with an offer or incentive might remind people to come back to you and make that purchase.

This can lead to some quick, easy, and very cheap conversions – and at the very least remarketing audiences should be set up ready to use again in the future. So this isn’t one to immediately worry about but definitely stops having that money initially wasted on the first wave of visitors.

Google adwords is vastly complex, and obviously there are many reasons why businesses fail when trying to tackle it. But these are certainly some of the most common mistakes that could be an indication some help is needed.